3 May 2015

This Week: The Arden Rose Obsession, Books & Embracing Autumn

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I was kind of struggling to think of something to write about this week, and when my thoughts wander, where do they go to? A person called Arden, of course. Naturally, I spent all of yesterday watching her videos instead of writing an essay, but sometimes you've just got to say 'Fuck it' and not write the essay. I've fallen in love with someone! Check out her YouTube channel. There are just those people who you can't help but love because of their stupid attitude and random hilariousness. People you want to be like, or even be, because they're literally so awesome and don't give a what. I don't really know, okay. That's what's on my mind.

This week I read a book, and it was nice. I'm at a struggle of wanting to enjoy books but also wanting to read as many as I can, and sometimes I just don't have the time for it. *Insert a million excuses on why I can't do anything ever here*. Of course I have time, people. It scares me to think that last year I barely read books at all - one occasionally dotted here and there, but nothing I ever stuck to. So I've fallen in love with Good Reads and the Auckland Library website, of course. Speaking of books, I've (kind of) finished off the pile of books I got out from the library, so if you wanna hit me up with any of your YA suggestions I'll be happy to hear about them.

And... autumn! We're halfway through and when I think about it autumn may be my favourite season. Not too hot, not too cold, not too much rain (erm, unlikely in Auckland, though). I really want to embrace seasons and everything, like drinking hot drinks and rugging up in scarves and whatnot but I never seem to for some reason? I also want to pick up a whole lotta things from Lush when I get some spare moolah, because there's nothing better than a hot bath with some new Lush things.

I suppose this was just a bit of a ramble about a few things, and a summary of some things on my mind from this week. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and a good week ahead! x

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