24 May 2015

This Week: $3 Drinks, Stress & Friends From High School

This week wasn't too exciting really. It went so fast, with a click of the fingers. Autum prettiness is still in full swing and there are so many orange crunchy leaves everywhere. The day I am writing this (Saturday), it's pouring down with rain outside my bedroom window and the day has been horrible, weather wise. When it rains, people always comment on how it's such a 'horrible' day, but rain is sometimes nice you know, when you can spend hours in bed with the electric blanket on and not doing much. Life is slowing down a little after most of my assignments are done, although I still have one group presentation to do next week. And then exams begin... and eventually a much needed month off.

It continues to amaze me how going to Uni is pretty rad most of the time - you have loads of places at your doorstep for you to go and explore. Even if that means not venturing much and huddling away from the rain/cold inside pretty cafes which have $3 student discount drinks (not to mention the amazing $3 Korean Pancake shop 2 minutes walk away from Uni). My life is pretty much full of debating whether to spend money on food or starve and always going for the cheap option... This week I caught up with some high school friends for a bit of lunch and that was nice, because there's really a whole host of people you are able to see at this moment, Emma, so spending time with different people doing different things is good.

I'll try to get my head into revision mode this next week! Hope you enjoy your week everyone x

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