6 May 2015

Lust List #2

I clearly haven't done one of these in a while! I thought this would be the perfect post to do right now as I'm super busy with Uni assignments. This time I only have a few things that I'm lusting after because I bought lots of things in America.

There are a couple things I'm itching to get my hands on - these UrbanEars Head Phones for example. You can get them from Urban Outfitters - I love that store. It's free shipping over $50 so once I save up I definitely want to invest in a better pair of earphones/headphones. I've never actually owned any headphones but from borrowing my brothers, I really like the idea of them and the fact they have a better sound quality than in-ear earphones. I love the colour grey (is it a colour?), so I would definitely get the grey, or perhaps the white, but they may get a bit dirty...

I'm never far from browsing on ASOS, and the one thing I've got my eye on is this 'I love you a latte' slogan shirt. It's just adorable, isn't it? It's exactly what I need in my life. Too bad it's pretty much out of stock, I'll have to wait for my size to become available again. Speaking of clothing, I feel like some mid to dark wash denim jeans are missing from my wardrobe. I would ideally like a pair from Topshop as I know their quality is really good compared to other lower priced brands. I have a pair of black Jamie jeans (I think?) with knee rips but since winter's coming up I need a simple pair of jeans without any rips to get me through. The ones above are something I'd like but not the exact pair I may get.

Let's face it... my mind is never far from Lush. My bank account balance is just not suitable for too many Lush items at the moment, however I want to do a bit of a spree at some stage, because I really want to get some bath bombs for winter. I haven't tried the ones above - the Honey Bee Bath Bomb and the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, but those are going straight to my list for things to buy from there.

Do you guys like the look of anything here? Let me know x

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