13 May 2015

Hawaii Photo Diary

It's been a few weeks since I got back from Hawaii but I've only gotten around to sorting through and editing photos for this Hawaii Photo Diary. I am trying to do this with all the places I visit/go on holiday (not too many so far though), so I hope you enjoy looking through the photos, there's nothing much else to it! I've written a little bit about my trip in previous post(s) so feel free to go back through the archives. I would love to go back to Hawaii, I miss it so much actually! x
Kaanapali, Maui
Sunset at Kaanapali
Napili Bay, Maui where we were swimming and saw a turtle! (Totally didn't run out of the water)
At the summit of a volcano called Haleakala, which is a third of the height of Mt. Everest, apparently
Sunbathing & swimming at the beach
The light was really beautiful
More beach! On this day I think we saw a whale splashing out on the horizon
In Honolulu
Being up in the clouds on the volcano was pretty amazing
The beautiful beach in Maui
The view and atmosphere on this evening was so nice

Going through these photos and making this post has made me feel very sad I'm not there! :( It was one of those 'pinch me' moments. I'll always have my memories, I guess!

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