2 May 2015


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The month of April was full of some exciting things, such as going to Hawaii for two weeks! I was in America for half of the month so kind of missed the transition from Summer to Autumn as it was still really warm when I left. It's starting to cool down now and I'm glad about that in some ways. There's nothing better than watching lots of episodes of a TV show and snuggling up in bed, is there?

The last week or so has been full of Uni assignments and trying to get them done. I have one essay to go this semester and then exams, and finally it's winter break time. I can just imagine all the sorts of things I'm going to be doing during that time, and I can't wait! For now I will soak up the last remaining bit of sun and try to get better at this whole life balancing thing. I really miss Hawaii! Post holiday blues are strong at this moment in time.
I'm quite excited to talk about beauty this month as I bought a bunch of stuff while I was away in America. All the stuff you see above was bought there, and I can't help but love this month. The first product is a concealer which essiebutton uses and recommends. Overall I love this as it's so lightweight (so there's no chance of creasing) and I prefer to dab in with my fingers instead of a brush. I don't know how good this is at erasing really dark circles as that's not one of my biggest problems, but it works well for me.

The second product is a nail polish. I can't get enough of different nail polishes and no matter how much I want to own the whole essie range, it's just not possible. Essie nail polishes are really expensive when bought in NZ so I grabbed a couple while in America and so far I've tried this one on my digits. It's such a 'me' colour - a muted purple grey brown (called Smokin' Hot, by the way). If I had known how good this next product would be, I would have got at least two bottles of the stuff. It's Dove's Dry Shampoo - finally a dry shampoo that doesn't make my hair feel absolutely gross. It controls the oil well and leaves my hair looking refreshed and shiny. It basically makes your hair look fab if it's looking drab when you wake up.

Of course I have to mention the wonderful Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush - mine is in Blushing Bride. The packaging is gorgeous in itself and the result on my cheeks is subtle but really nice; just a flush of colour as you'd expect. This past week I've really been loving the power of blush - up until now I've never really worn it but now I don't think I could go a day without it. I did also forget to photograph a particular face mask I picked up from Sephora, but I may include that in another post/next month's roundup.
Fashion-wise, I picked up some gems in America. My favourite clothing item I bought would quite possibly be this gorgeous button up skirt (they're fake buttons though) from H&M. The colour is lovely and I adore this style of skirt. It has pockets too - pockets!! Until recently I only had one pair of good sunglasses so I picked up some from Urban Outfitters - a round cat-eye style with a tortoiseshell type design on the rim. Because they're more brown coloured I feel like they're really flattering and not too harsh looking on the face. They make everything look like an instagram photo too - like an yellow toned filter, haha.

Something else I got from UO are these cat earrings - they're just so cute, there's not much else to say about them. They're sterling silver too so there's no chance they'll get all rusty and discoloured. I'll also quickly mention a candle from Bath & Body Works named Mahogany and Teakwood which smells musky and dark, kind of like a typical man smell. I love lighting this when I'm in the bath, reading a book! Speaking of books...
What are my favourites this month, you might ask? Basically everything I got a chance to read this month. I read three books in Hawaii and a fourth at home. My favourite of the bunch would have to be Trouble by Non Pratt. Get your hands on this book if you've not read it already - I loved it. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes would have to be a close second - a beautiful story which is worth reading. Submarine by Joe Dunthorne can't not be a favourite seeming it's based on my favourite movie. So glad I got around to reading this; I enjoyed the humour, the characters I already knew and loved, the underlying message, and even the font style and size (am I the only one who loves a book more if the font style and size is really nice?). The last book I read from this lot was The Mannifesto On How To Be Interesting and I did really enjoy this one too. I definitely liked the second half of the book way better than the first. Once you get into it, it's hard to put down.

I have been listening to Muse an obscene amount in the past month. It's verging on obsession as they're the only thing I want to listen to.  I had a phase with Muse in like Year 11 but somehow I just really like them right now?

When I was in Hawaii, they're practically the only thing I listened to as well. Apologies for that because this month isn't really an interesting music one - I think I'm one to just listen to a few albums/one artist for weeks and weeks until I get sick of them.

If I had to name a few favourite song choices from Muse right now I would say Bliss, Plug in Baby and Fillip. But if you're not into Muse then there are a few different songs in there, including a couple songs from San Cisco's new album Gracetown which I happen to really like.

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Links + Loves: - Fran's videos, especially her 'Let's go out!' and 'Let's go draw!' videos; Her husband's 'Shoot film' videos - amazing!; Carrie's fairly new YouTube channel - her videos are such good quality seeing she has just started and I love her personality; Arden's vlogs; Chloe's DIY Wood Clothes rack in under 15 mins; likewise her stunning 'Autumn Road' fashion post; This super handy skincare guide by Caroline Hirons; this stunning performance by Thomas Yorke; this 'I Love You A Latte' shirt from ASOS. (Please don't buy it, I'm fearful of it going out of stock until I buy it, haha. Kidding).

Hope you had a good month and I wish you the best for May! x

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