26 April 2015

This Week: Post Holiday Blues, Waffles & Uni

Things achieved this week: Unpacked successfully, ate 10 Ferrero Rochers, handed in two Uni assignments. Oh, and I managed to get sick - well done Emma. This week has been kinda weird. I mean, one day I'm lounging around a hotel pool in Hawaii and the next I'm on a bus in Auckland heading to Uni, like nothing ever happened. While I was on holiday I really had to pinch myself because I didn't believe it was real, that I was in America. It's really strange how that can happen and all of a sudden you're back to normal life. I felt really excited to head back home at the time since I just wanted some normality in my life again. Eating out for dinner every night starts to get old after two weeks. I'm not complaining though - going away was just what I needed. Some time away from my normal environment to readjust and think a bit.

I had a very short week at Uni this week - 2 days. Next week is going to be a short one as well. Better take advantage of this time and write an essay, hey? Of the little Uni I did have, I was just thinking that I'm really lucky to be in the position I am, go into the city every day and experience new things. It's really exciting being in this place where you can walk down the street and do something you fancy, like watching a movie in a 4 hour break, people watching, or eating waffles from a food truck which is what I did on Friday. Uni is more than the work and assignments you do, but the people you hang out with and what you do that makes life worth living. Uni is way more than high school. This sounds so cheesy but that's just my little revelation this week. Back to the waffles - they were really yummy. They're from a place called Supreme Waffle and I happened to get the 'Lumber Man' version - maple custard and walnuts. I recommend trying it out if you live in Auckland. I remember when I used to say I hated living in Auckland - "it's so boring!". Oh how very stupid and young I was.

{In case you wondered, I fancied making a new segment with some little bits from my week occasionally. I don't know if I'd do it every week because of the lack of pictures and things to talk about, but we'll see.}

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