6 March 2015

The Three Step Lush Skin Care Routine

I like the idea of a relatively natural skin care routine. I guess it makes sense - if it's natural and gentle on your skin then it's probably better than something loaded with chemicals. I'm definitely not saying I won't just be using 'natural' products but if I can and it works, then it's just a plus. I have quite the big obsession with the store Lush - if you don't know by now then it's safe to assume you haven't ventured very far into this blog. I think Lush is such a brilliant concept and pretty much everything I try is good in some way or has a use for something. Anyway - I've found that the products I'm using in my skincare routine now have all ended up being from Lush so I thought I'd share why this little routine works well for me at the moment.

First comes the Cleansing Lotion 9 to 5 which is a very light, simple, subtle smelling cleanser which I find also moisturises my skin at the same time. I wouldn't use this on it's own too much; only if I'm in a rush or it's too early in the morning to function and I need something quick, but I generally use this in conjunction with the Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Facial Cleanser (not pictured as it wasn't exactly the most photogenic thing in the world, as I got a tiny sample pot that I'm still using). Using these two products together works really well for me as the Fresh Cleanser gently exfoliates my skin and makes sure it's really cleansed while the Cleansing Lotion refreshes my skin, makes it more liquidy and lightly moisturises. I won't lie, I stole this idea from this Lush Handbook which is a little gem you should check out if you're a fellow Lushie or a Lush newbie. I have a feeling the sample I got of Angels on Bare Skin is still going to last me another couple weeks at least so a little goes a long way.

I've mentioned the Tea Tree Toner Water on here umpteen times but I will say it again; I like this stuff. When I first started using it I noticed my skin was looking less irritated and red and the angry spots on my face settled down a bit. If you're having a bit of a moment with blemishes then I recommend this. I used to use it twice a day but I've reduced this to once a day because I don't think I need it as much. Celestial is an amazing moisturiser and I use this as a night cream after cleansing and toning as it leaves a bit of an oily residue on my skin at first (which I like) and by morning it still feels moisturised. I have noticed a reduce in redness on my skin since using this - it's in my top three Lush products for sure.

I should mention this is more of a night skin care routine for me and lately I have just been using a little of 9 to 5 to quickly wash my skin in the morning. I would LOVE to know if you have any suggestions for amazing Lush products because I like trying new stuff!


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