10 March 2015

Opshop Regrets

I have to write about something sad that happened a few days ago at an Opshop. I had spied a pair of Windsor Smith black sandals that I liked the look of but put them down because they were a bit expensive for Opshop prices. I pretty much immediately saw someone else pick them up and was sad as I left the shop. I came back five minutes later deciding I'd buy the shoes if she had put them back down. Sadly I was greeted with the sight of her handing them over to the salesperson. After I had a few thoughts running through my head: "Why did I put them down? I could have just held onto them for a little bit until I decided", "I needed a new pair of casual shoes and they were perfect" and "they were so much cheaper than full price new Windsor Smith shoes". And they fit perfectly too! Sad face. But anyway, I'll try to stop dwelling on it..
On the same shopping trip I picked up a few clothing items from 'normal' shops and one of them was these Glassons navy and white patterned pants which I rather like. I wanted some bottoms that weren't just jeans or shorts; something casual and comfy. Granted, these are a little big because I sized up as the smaller size did fit and feel snug when I was standing up but they were simply too tight when I sat down and I would be sitting down in all my classes and lectures at Uni so I thought I would just wear a belt with them and that worked quite nicely.
Outfit Details:

* Top: Mirrou
* Pants: Glassons
* Bag: Glassons
* Shoes: Mirrou
* Rings: Pandora
* Lipstick: Faded Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in Very Berry

Have you had any regrets like this and what kind of pieces are you picking up for transitioning between seasons at the moment?

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