17 March 2015

My Favourite Films

I rather enjoyed getting together all of these amazing minimalistic film posters for this post. All of these above are films I've really enjoyed/could watch again and again for a number of reasons so keep reading to find out why these films are so special to me.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: I love Wes Anderson's style of cinematography along with just about everyone else in the world and it's become a really popular thing of late. But I will never tire from his style of direction and the gorgeous shots and colour grading. This movie is probably my favourite of Anderson's films because it is freaking hilarious and beautiful at the same time. (Watching this on the big screen looks so amazing compared to on smaller screens, like most films.)

The Great Gatsby: Above everything I love the storyline and sweet sadness of this film (based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald of course; which I have read) as well as the beautiful 20s era. I love the whole look of this film; the clothing, the cars, the house/s.

About Time: This film never fails to make me cry every time I watch it. There's something so nostalgic and sad about this film which is also uplifting and funny. It's from the director of Love Actually so it's no surprise I enjoyed this.

500 Days of Summer: This film is so quirky and cute and I could never tire of watching it. I love both Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt a whole lot and this is the perfect funny love story with a realistic viewpoint. (The soundtrack is amazing too.)

Bridesmaids: This film is one of my favourite comedies. I die everytime at the part when Annie is driving the car trying to get Rhode's attention. I also love Rebel Wilson in it and all the antics that go on.

Submarine: I've described this as my favourite film ever and I haven't changed my mind yet. It's a film I saviour with a unique and funny storyline. I adore Yasmin Paige and Craig Roberts and I adore Richard Ayoade, the director. I can't explain my love for this enough.

Love Actually: This is my favourite Christmas film and something I will happily watch annually during the festive time. I love these type of movies which intertwine all of these different people's lives. Everyone loves a bit of Love Actually.

Moonrise Kingdom: My second favourite Wes Anderson film and a completely cute and precious little film with perfect typography of title sequences. As I've said before, I just love Anderson's style of creating films and the unique shots he uses to make the movie humorous and slightly odd. I just love how this is about two kids running away from their families and the undeniable need to escape their lives in a silly, exaggerative way.

Juno: I love Ellen Paige and I love the characters she plays. Her attitude of not caring and just carrying on with life is the only way I can explain it. If you haven't noticed already there's a theme running through these - I like quirky films.

The Maze Runner: This last one is a bit of departure from the running theme in this post but I have to say I really enjoyed watching this when it came out in the cinema. I wouldn't say this is an absolute fave but a recent fave for sure.

Other films I could mention here: The Sound of Music, One Day, Now Is Good & Back To The Future.

What are your favourite films? I'd love to know x


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