29 March 2015

Good Things #7

1. Iced Tea from Hulucat. This is one of my favourite places to get a drink. So much so that I have a loyalty card. On Monday I went and saw a movie (Insurgent) with a friend in our four hour break (what a world we live in) and I stopped to get this as well. There's something so great about being in the city a lot because there's a lot going on and so many places to see.
2. Curling my hair. I always forget how amazing it feels to have curled hair when you've just been keeping it natural/straight the whole time. I want to try curling my hair with straighteners next so if you have any tips please feel free to blurt.
 3. Coconut oil. (Is so good for your hair). The first time I did this it turned out a tad oily because I used too much but I know how much I should use now. This stuff makes your hair so lovely and soft and you don't have to use any fancy products. Definitely recommend.
4. An ASOS delivery. If you've been reading my blog this week you've had seen my asos order post. I love that moment when you an unexpected delivery comes and it instantly brightens your day.
5. New earrings. I haven't worn earrings in such a long time it's ridiculous. I think these ones from Warehouse that I got off asos are adorable and I'm happy earrings are in my life once again. (Those holes were starting to close!)

What are your #goodthings this week? x

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