22 March 2015

Good Things #6

1. Getting shit done. For the lack of a better word. This week I had a verbal presentation as well as a test worth 20% of a paper so I'm lack I completed those to the best of my ability and they're out of the way. Getting over my hatred for public speaking is a good thing as well.
2. Taking time off to have fun. Last weekend I went out for Japanese and watched The Sound of Music. Having a good old laugh is always a nice thing as well as forgetting about responsibilities for a while.
3. Making chocolate chip pancakes on a Saturday morning. Making these pancakes took like 10 minutes and made 100% better by the dark chocolate chips.
4. Starting to read again. Having tons of readings to do each week for Uni I have been put off by reading a little and I haven't had time to read a book properly. This week I managed to read one though, finishing it off yesterday. This will be featured in my monthly review post shortly so if you're curious to how I found this book then look out for that.
5. Instead of doing something fun/useful with my Saturday, I decided I was feeling creative and wanted to shoot and edit a video about my favourite things. I just felt like picking up the camera and making something random so this is the result. It's not perfect but I kind of like it. Watch below!

What are your #goodthings this week? x

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