15 March 2015

Good Things #5

1. Taking time out to do things I want to do. e.g. having a day out eating lunch and shopping. After the first week of Uni I felt discouraged that there wasn't going to be much time to do things like I had been doing in the holidays. But it's not true because if you try hard enough you can find time. I just need to step outside sometimes and have a day of exploring.
2. Sun in the morning. Even though I'm ready for Autumn/Winter I think I'm probably going to miss morning sunlight at some stage because it's great for photo taking.
3. These boots. (Ssssh, they're actually my sisters), but I adore them the same and want something like it in black. They make me that extra bit taller with a little chunky heel which I love too. (From Glassons).
4. Finally realising that my calendar was still on February. I swiftly changed it and I love this month's illustration. The Frankie Calendar is the absolute sweetest.
5. Muse's new single Psycho. If you don't know who Muse is or you're not a fan then it's hard to relate to this one, but I'm just saying that I freaking love what they've got going on and I want the album right now! (Out in June).

Uni is pretty tiring and I've got a presentation & test coming up next week so it's probably going to be a hard one, but I'll be glad when they're done. What are your #goodthings this week?

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