8 March 2015

Good Things #4

1. This little guy. He's been hanging around with me more often than usual and what's better than a pet snuggling up on your bed with you?
2. Having something to do. I started Uni this week and after four months break mostly hanging about at home it feels really good to be getting up out of bed and having a purpose. Don't get me wrong, sometimes (or most of the time) I'd rather sleep in and stay at home doing what I like, but I have something to aim towards now among many other things like making lots of new friends.
3. Making Granola. I followed HelloOctober's recipe (adpapted from Fleur's I believe) and really liked the taste of it. Coconut oil is new to me but I'm really liking the sound of it in different recipes and for hair care too. I'd recommend trying her recipe, it's a really nice one! I'd never made granola or anything like it before, but it was really easy and simple.
4. Choosing what to wear everyday. Don't get me wrong, I really do (sort of) miss my school uniform - the ease of it and the familiarity. But there's something nice in choosing what to wear and in doing so it pretty much shows a lot more about a person in terms of their personality. I'm working on building up my wardrobe with pieces I really want to wear but for now I really like the idea of being able to dress how I like now because for 10 years I've had to reserve that for the weekend and holidays.

5. I have (had) a new addiction and it's Serial. After seeing a few people say it was really good, I decided to listen to it and I was super intrigued the whole way through. I love murder shows and mysteries so this was right up my street. It's a good way to spend time while doing another activity that doesn't require much thinking or simply on it's own because at times you need to concentrate on listening. I can't wait for Season 2 coming this year.

Well, how was your week and what are some of your #goodthings that happened?

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