1 March 2015

Good Things #3

1. New things. I picked up this grey cozy jumper in time for Autumn's arrival on Thursday in a little sale. My friend happens to have this and my backpack from Glassons so we might be twinning at some stage! I swear Glassons just has amazing clothes and so many new collections coming out all the time. I also bought this cute Kikki.K pencil case with all my spare change I had built up in my purse lately. It's the perfect little size for a few pens and such for Uni.
2. This shirt. If you haven't heard of this shop before, you should check it out because the designs she makes are so cute and I want so many things. Submarine is my favourite movie, and earlier in the week you would've seen I had the phone case in this design too. This shirt arrived shortly after and I love it so much!
3. A small DIY. My sister covered her school books in this ready made design so I wanted to do the same because it looked so cute. I have a couple notebooks for Uni as well as my laptop to take notes so I might as well do it in style. I just covered them in a clear A4 sleeve so the paper would be protected from dirt, etc. {DIY from here}
4. Reading lots of books. This month I have been reading more than I ever have, really. I used to read lots as a tween but then kind of stopped. I think reading really improves my vocabulary, imagination, creativity and thinking, plus it's a better way to pass the time than staring at a laptop screen for hours on end (not that I don't do that as well). I'm always getting books out from the library because I can't afford to buy about five books a month and I'd hate to have gone and bought a book I end up not liking.
5. Stocking up on magazines and scanning things for my wall. Shortly I'll be creating a new wall collage which I'm tending to change up about every month or so,  so after a recent magazine splurge I've got plenty to read and a few things to scan and stick up on my wall that I like. (Not to mention the cute art posters).

Hope you've had a good week everyone. It's the end of my long, long summer holidays and it's to Uni for me tomorrow.

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