24 February 2015

Pauanui Photo Diary

As promised, here is my little summer holiday photo diary, as I went to a little place called Pauanui last month which is on the east coast of New Zealand. These photos are pretty much all of the pretty sunset(s). I only took my camera out sometimes as it's a bit awkward to carry around a clunky DSLR all day every day. I'm still wondering if I should or shouldn't bring my big camera on holiday with me to Hawaii in April. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed quickly scrolling through these photos and they are remembrance for myself more than anything.

Also - I've been posting quite regularly recently since I got my laptop back. That's because I've been feeling inspired and also because there was a backlog of posts from my absence, but things on the blogging front will probably slow down shortly as I'm starting Uni (next week - can you believe it?)

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