11 February 2015


Oh boy, has it felt like long since last typing up a blog post. January was certainly a month full of up and downs and for much of Feb as well. I haven't been able to get this post together until now as my laptop has come back from being fixed (if you didn't know, water was spilt on it while I was on holiday - complete disaster). With that being a big downer on my month as well getting sick at the end of the month, I'm pretty glad the last couple of weeks are over. But there was much to be grateful in February, including going to one of my favourite places in New Zealand for a week long holiday with some of my closest friends.

It was great, overall. I learnt a lot about my friends and myself, namely that living with friends is kind of difficult at times and homesickness sucks. However, I'm so glad I experienced something like it at this time in life before I go off to Uni and that I had the chance to photograph some amazing sunsets and scenery. I'll be showing more photos I took on this trip in an upcoming travel photo diary posts. I have regained my inspiration for blogging in this three week gap from my laptop and am so ready to get started again. Back to the topic of summer, I really do have a love-hate relationship with the season, and by February I'm usually totally over it and want the cold weather to come. I'm feeling like that now, wanting to snuggle up in bed with a good book and a hot drink without feeling overheated.
Nevertheless, in case you didn't know, this post is going to be a monthly recap of sorts, where I share with you photos I've taken over the past month and also where I'll let you in on some of my 'favourite things' - that being anything from beauty and fashion to books/TV shows/films/music. So let's get started.
First up, let's talk beauty. In December I placed an order for Bioderma after thinking that I was really missing a good and basic make-up remover from my (small) beauty stash. This is a really excellent make-up remover, but something I don't want to waste too much as it's not readily available to me and is more expensive than the likes of the Garnier version (which isn't available here either). This month I was fed up with having dry skin and having my concealer look cakey and gross, so I decided to try out a new one. The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is a creamy concealer with pretty good coverage. It's not heavy duty like the Collection Concealer, but I needed something to suit my skin a bit better. On a whim I also picked up one of the new Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils (mine is in Very Berry) after seeing someone on Youtube buy/wear it. I love this dark purple shade; it's a little bit daring but I'm sure I'm going to get a bit of use out of it.

My lips had been causing me a bit of trouble with being in a pretty bad condition, so I turned to Lush (where I do at all possible moments) and picked up their Honey Trap Lip Balm. It's glorious! White chocolate and honey makes for a nice combination. Lastly, I just have to mention the Celestial Moisturiser also from Lush which has been SUCH a god send the last couple months. Just go and buy it if you haven't already. It reduces the redness on my face so much and when I wake up I have glowing skin.
I have been on a reading kick lately and have read almost a quarter of my 30 books in 2015 goal. The books I read this month were: Girl Online, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton, The Humans and Not That Kind of Girl. My favourite was The Humans by Matt Haig, a truly funny and enlightening read. The story is from the perspective of an alien in a man's body. It really opened my eyes up to what humans are really like and it's so funny in some parts. I don't tend to laugh out loud in books but this was hilarious! It's not like anything I've read before or what I thought I would enjoy. You'll learn something for sure about the bizarre race that humans are from reading this book. I have actually read a few more books but those count as February and I'll talk about them next month.

Some of the pictures above are pretty self-explanatory: going to the hairdresser to get slightly lighter highlights in my hair (change, however subtle is good!), giving my room a little tidy up and putting new things on my wall, and attempting to DIY a bit. The DIYing failed miserably, trying to make a pinecone garland but something to do while I was bored out of my brains waiting to get my laptop back, right?! Entertainment wise I have especially been fixed to the telly/screen (before said laptop incident) watching the TV show Broadchurch. I whizzed through the first season in no time and LOVED it. The second season is on TV in New Zealand now so I'm getting my fix every Sunday night in bed. Another unexpected favourite was the BBC's mini series called The Crimson Field. I found it quite interesting and the three episodes were like movie length.

Music wise there's been an array of mostly some old favourites and a couple new discoveries. I won't go on explaining too much but I've especially been loving the Arctic Monkeys (old songs), The XX and The 1975. Nothing really new there but I love all these songs so much. Enjoy listening to January's Playlist if you do, and I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthly and overdue post!

Links + Loves:

* I loved Hazel's January vlog style video so much!
* I've fallen head over heels for Holly's blog. Her blogger design posts have been particularly useful.
* Earlier in the month I loved watching EssieButton's video on her goals for the year.
* I loved Britney's vlog on January 1st. While I'm at it I'll say I love how Britney makes and edits her videos!
* Rebecca made a post on how to be more productive. Her posts are always so spot on and diverse from what I usually see in my Bloglovin' feed.
* Louise's Uptown Funk lookbook directed by Jack Howard was freaking gold I had to watch it twice.

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