20 February 2015

Health & Well-being Goals

I feel like February is my January... while everyone was making New Years Resolutions I was stuck in the hostile mindset that no, I didn't need to make resolutions... they're cliche and unnecessary. I've since learnt that goals are really important in order to have some kind of self-direction in your life. I feel like after four months of sitting at home after graduating high school (and making it out occasionally), I need to get back into doing something; having a routine, improving my heath and well-being and being happy. This time in two weeks I'll have started Uni and let's face it... those 10 am sleep-ins every morning are nice but are not helping. So in celebration of realising all this, and continuing to try and have a positive mindset, here are some goals for the rest of Feb and beyond...

Aim to wake up around 8:00-8:30am every morning and get ready to go to sleep at or before midnight. This may be a sleep-in for some (and I will eventually have to wake up earlier when Uni starts) but in the two week lead up I'm going to be trying to get my sleeping patterns into whack so I won't be completely shocked by future 6.30 am starts. I've had far too many late nights recently so it's time to get more sleep, and go to bed earlier.

Wear less make-up and have more make-up free days. While make-up might not necessarily cause breakouts unless there's specific products that are irritating your skin, I think it's still generally better to not cake your face with make-up and let it breathe. I'm going to aim to stick to a bit of concealer and not make my breakouts look worse. I also need to quit touching my face at all times and let it be. I need to get into a strict routine of washing my face morning and night because I've been a touch slack lately. I'm also aiming to remove my make-up when I get home and not leave it on for hours after when I don't need to.

Drink more water. I can see you all rolling your eyes but I've honestly learnt the importance of drinking more water and being hydrated lately. It just makes you feel so much better and it's really good for your skin too. I've redownloaded an app I had on my phone a while ago called WaterIn - it tells you to drink water throughout the day. I'll be drinking 8 glasses or 2L of water a day. Fizzy drinks are really bad for you so I'll be keeping those for special occasions.

Get moving. I am a person who does little to no exercise so I've reached the conclusion that I really need to get moving in some way. There's really no excuse, and it doesn't have to be extreme either. Charlie wrote a post recently about getting back into exercise and from that post I've learnt that it matters what you do today, and not to worry about the future or too much of a routine or anything. Something is better than nothing and I should do it if it makes me feel more awake and happy. The type of exercise I'm attempting to do will all be things I can do from the comfort of my own home - some light pilates, yoga, or even a dance party in my bedroom? Preferably something I can do following along on YouTube. Walking a frequent amount is also always a good thing.

Do you have any new or continuing goals from the New Year?


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