22 February 2015

Good Things #2

1. Making pancakes. Pancake Day was on Tuesday and I celebrated it for just about the first time in... forever! I never specifically make pancakes for this day, but I really wanted to this year. I think this is the best pancake recipe I've tried - it's the Jamie Oliver one so I highly recommend. It's so easy making them too. My mood is improved 100% when I have a decent breakfast in the morning so I'm thinking these will become a weekly thing.
2. Discovering an old favourite. This Jackie Oates Lush Supplement from Lush is actually out of date but I tried it out the other day and I really love this. Mostly because it's a lighter, sheerer coverage for a foundation as I'm not a fan of really full coverage foundations. This one has a lot of good things for your skin in it and it's great for pale girls like me. I mix this with some of my Celestial Moisturiser and I'm good to go. I will probably have to pick another one of these up soon!
3. Looking after cute kittens. Oh boy, if you have any worries in the world just get some kittens. Or you know, offer to look after some. This pair were so cute and even though they were really shy and not playful at all, I would have just happily stared at them all day. This was a little bit of love and happiness in my life I was glad to have recently.
4. Going to eat at new places. I'd seen a few instagram posts going around of the Best Ugly Bagels place (in Auckland, for all you international people) and it looked so good! I got the T.A.B - Tomato, Avocado and Basil. I was not disappointed - the bagels were really delicious and I'm glad we decided to venture out and try this place out. Really affordable and filling. I also went to an amazing little place called Milse for desserts on Friday. There were cute French waiters, what else would you want?
5. Exploring my city more. This post by ALO shows that you can be a tourist in your own city. For quite a while I thought my city was boring and there was nothing to do. But honestly there is so much to do, and I should take advantage of it. On Friday night I went to an outdoor cinema in Silo Park and the experience was really cool. Finding and trying new things to do is really not hard if you investigate and it's really good to get out of the house and experience something different every now and then.

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