15 February 2015

Good Things #1

On and off for a couple of years I have been doing a little thing on my Tumblr called 'Good Things' where I simply state three good things that have happened that day. They can be as little and insignificant as I like, they can be anything at all. The purpose for this was to keep a little record of these small things that happen daily that are really nice, but which I'd probably forget after a month. It's also about enforcing positivity, trying to find good things that happen in your day. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it's difficult if I have a bad day, but there's no pressure in having to do it every single day. If I have a particularly bad day, I'll just breathe and focus on the next day. I thought bringing this over to my blog this year would be a cute thing to do weekly - highlights of these posts from the week accompanied by some photos. Taking more photos on my proper camera and being positive is a thumbs up from me.
1. Memories. One of my closest friends has just moved away to another city quite far away for University. There are so many people moving out and to different places at this time and it's an odd feeling because I've never experienced that before. I'm so happy for my friend, as she gets to do a course she wants to do, and I'm planning to visit her sometime this year. Memories of being at my holiday home and the beach are really special from spending time with her. Bringing back this little pinecone from the beach with me means I'll have something to remember the holiday by. I'm appreciative for having some fun times in Jan with friends.
2. Getting my creative juices flowing. A three week break from blogging meant that I was totally ready to get back into it and think of some rad ideas for blog posts, including experimenting with a bit of photography and controlling the cohesiveness of my blog. I also learnt that I don't need a blogging schedule at this time in my life and when there's a schedule involved, it just limits my creativity and it becomes a chore.
3. Wearing dark lipstick. I don't know what's so daring and dare I say it - sexy, about wearing dark reds and purples on my lips but I know it makes me feel pretty great sometimes. I purchased a purple lip liner recently and while it may be out of my comfort zone a little, and like nothing I've had before, it's fun to wear it.
4. Writing more. A certain book I read recently inspired me a lot to start writing fiction. I have wrote some little bits of unfinished fiction on and off throughout my years, but I always get the bug to write on occasion. I love writing fiction - there's something so special about it, and it's why I like reading so much too, but this point also counts for writing in my journal more. The last two years I really got into writing little snippets of my day and feelings in a notebook and I'm sure it'll be extremely entertaining to read when I'm older (that's half the reason I do it - but to also make sure I remember little things that happened daily in my teen years). Writing helps me feel less stressed about certain things, like the popular idea that if you're feeling sad, angry or anxious you should write it all down and your problems will be left on the page.
5. Amazing sunsets. There's one thing summer's good for and that's beautiful sunsets. I have to say, out in the more rural areas the sunsets are even better and I loved seeing many while I was away on holiday last month. This particular sunset has #nofilter so that's something to look at and be thankful for.

I guess this is all a bit like thanksgiving every Sunday! I hope you enjoyed reading this little selection of photos + bits of thoughts/writing. I'll have to ask - what are some of your good things this week? Check out my Tumblr tag for ideas.

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