27 February 2015


February has felt like a bit of an odd month to recap on since I only managed to get my head around the fact that it was indeed February about half way through the month, having written my January recap post about ten days in. Life has been a blur lately, with no stable routine - I'm just floating in and out everywhere waiting for Uni to start, really. Not that I'm particularly looking forward to it - you know, doing actual work after four months of doing nothing is not good. Nevertheless, I guess February was one part lazing around enjoying sleep in's and staying up late and two parts going out and doing fun things slash getting my shit together.

Let's be that typical person who talks about the weather for a moment - summer is basically over and this pretty much signals a big change into Autumn/Winter and real life. I'm going to have a purpose in life after high school and I think this is a good thing. I recently had my Uni Orientation and it made me feel quite a bit better about starting; actually having a bit of insight into what it's like to sit in a lecture room, where everything is, what kind of people are in my course and to be honest I'm just a little bit excited now that I've seen it all. I know that it's got to be hard in some way at some stage, but I need to put things into perspective and see how it all goes first. It seems so odd I'm starting this new chapter of my life, I'm in a bit of a weird place at the moment.
Moving onto some of my favourite things for the month... starting with beauty. As usual among my favourite things I've used most this month are Lush products, beginning with my new cleanser duo, Angels on Bare Skin mixed with some of the 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion. I wanted a light cleanser that would simply clean my face and add a bit of moisture (9 to 5) but I wanted something that was a little more heavy duty to really get rid of the dirt and build up on my skin (enter Angels on Bare Skin). I've heard a lot of people talk about this exfoliating cleanser and I haven't trialled it enough to form a full opinion but I'm liking how my skin feels so far. I only grabbed a sample of this cleanser so I could try it out before committing to a full pot (which takes blimming ages to use up).

A huge favourite of mine this month has been the Daddy-O shampoo. It's actually a really good shampoo and is more clarifying than what I would usually use so I use it once a week. It just works for me and I'm really happy about that because I needed something that was clarifying yet good for my hair with natural ingredients. I won't bore you with anymore Lush apart from the Jackie Oates Colour Supplement which I used about a year or two ago but am now really enjoying using it again. A last beauty favourite is a nail polish; in fact a very budget nail polish, from the brand Miki (it may only be available in New Zealand/Australia? I'm not sure) in a gorgeous purple colour which sort of reminds me of Essie Splash of Grenadine. The formula of this colour is surprising good for what price you pay and it's more of a thin liquid which makes it easy to build up.
Books I read this month included Fangirl, The Selection Series (3 books), The Art of Being Normal and Flat-Out Love which makes me a third through my reading goal this year. My favourites were Fangirl and The Art of Being Normal, for sure. Fangirl is such an amazing, amazing book and I could not stop reading it. I won't be putting detailed reviews on my blog but if you want to see the occasional book review follow my goodreads account. I have my thoughts on The Art of Being Normal there too but this was such a good book as well - the main issue it covers is Transgender and I had never read anything on the topic so it was really interesting and enlightening. If you're going to read two books next month I recommend those ones! I also have to mention quickly The Selection series which I have been reading the last few weeks. The think the second and third books are much better than the first and it's got a The Bachelor and The Hunger Games type feel.

One collective group of things I have been obsessed with this month is the film Submarine, the director Richard Ayoade and the actors of Submarine, Yasmin Paige and Craig Roberts. I've been watching loads of Youtube videos and interviews involving this trio and the next step in my love for this film is to read the book it was based off. (I've gone a step further ordering the best phone case ever from this shop - and a t-shirt of the same design is on it's way). I've been loving watching episodes of Was It Something I Said as well, just because Richard Ayoade is in it. This man is so genuinely funny (well he has the same sense of humour as me).
Another favourite I have this month is my new backpack from Glassons which is the perfect little thing to cart around a few bits and bobs and just enough to squeeze my 13 inch MacBook into. I'll be using this to carry my stuff for Uni in, so if you want me to do a post on What's In Bag for University let me know! A better picture of this bag is here on my instagram.

I also have to quickly mention my love for a couple movies this month, very different from each other. The first is The Theory of Everything which made me cry about five times and was so touching and amazing. I was beyond happy and excited for Eddie Redmayne when he won the Oscar for Best Actor, just watch his sweet reaction and speech! The other is 13 Going on 30 which my sister and I watched on a Friday night movie marathon. I love the 80s music going on in this movie and oh my, the ending with the the Madonna song makes my heart flutter. Which leads me to music I've been listening to this month...

Rosie introduced me to a cool group called Erato which I have been listening to here and there, which I find relaxing as a bit of background music to working or cleaning up my room. Florence + The Machine also released a new single which is really good. Theres a mix of other stuff in there including the 13 Going on 30 Soundtrack and Uptown Funk which I can't help but love (being overplayed on the radio on the other hand...). Also I have fallen in love with a couple of new (to me) artists - Royal Blood who performed at the Brits and Twin Wild! Enjoy listening if you choose to and you can check out all my other playlists from the past here.

Links + Loves:

* After seeing Fran in EssieButton's vlog I fell in love with her and her artwork
* I've been loving Fleur's vlogs this month
* Rosie's blog post was helpful for workout inspiration/ideas
* With Pancake Day this month, I've bookmarked these delish looking Pancake Muffins for when hunger in the morning strikes
* I found this blog post about which Topshop jeans are the best for you really useful
* This Little Lush Handbook is a life saver!!
* A couple of how-to posts I liked this month: How to be healthy on a budget & Sleeping tricks

That's it from me, loves! Hope you had a good month and I'll see you in March.

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