5 January 2015

Resolutions To Keep

(a.k.a. cliche sayings that are actually friggen important)

one: Just appreciate the god damn little things in life. Nothing else matters.
All of those special, worth-living-for moments in life like being with family or watching the sunrise. Cliche, cheesy, whatever. It's just so true. These things will actually make you continually happy over the year. Not every 'big' thing is a big deal, in the end.

two. Keep some sort of record of your life.
Whether it be by camera, computer or pen. You can record snippets of your life by filming them, like in Brit's (pretty amazing) video; keep a blog (even if it's personal + private); take photos and actually have them printed out occasionally (you could even make a scrapbook like Lily Pebbles did); or even better, keep an old fashioned, hand-written diary and spew your feelings out onto the pages every now and then. Doesn't have to be daily. From experience, things that restrict you in terms of time frames are not so good. Keeping part of your life to look back on later is special. You can do it in many mediums, so just START.

three. Get rid of negative people from your life.
This is a standard piece of advice I've heard spoken from many people before, but it's just plain true. It's not really until you realise there is someone who drags you down in your life that you know you have the ability to not have them in your life anymore. Simple. It feels amazing. Those people are not worth your time.

four. Someones you just have to take one day at a time.
People can get hung up on the pressure and stress of daily life, but taking each day as it comes is literally all you can do. Complete one day until you think about the next. Truthfully, people who think they have their life planned out and awaiting them after high school baffle me. You can't plan a life. You can't predict what you'll be doing in a few years time. That's just life though, so wait it out and be happy in the moment.

The cheesiest advice is sometimes the most true, as these classic sayings, with a bit more thought taken, really are what you should be following. It's a known fact that many people fail on completing their New Years Resolutions, and no wonder, because as humans we can only live and do our best. So perhaps these resolutions will be something that you will fit into your everyday lifestyle, of every year!

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