7 January 2015

My Lush Pamper Night Picks

I have been utterly obsessed with Lush recently. It's gone as far as to say several Lush workers recognise me in multiple stores when I go in (often). I have a problem. But it's a good problem, because Lush products are to die for. Here are some of my faves recently for a lovely pamper evening in the bath + shower depending what you like best.

Marilyn Hair Treatment: The most important and first step of my routine consists of putting in this lovely hair treatment to brighten and soften my blonde hair. I can't get enough of this, and with it being half price during the boxing day sales I purchased a back up. You can leave their hair treatments on for a couple of hours or twenty minutes minimum. Have a bath while this is sinking in and then wash off in the shower!

Snow Angel Bath Melt: This is one of my favourite bath products, it's very luxurious so it's good to use for a special occasion I think this one is best used by using the whole thing at once unlike some of their products. Your skin will be glittery for days (even after showering), don't ask me how it's done! If you don't like super glittery bath products then the next one may be for you...

So White Bath Bomb: This joins my list of favourite Lush bath products as it smells absolutely DIVINE (like apples) and makes your skin soft and lovely. There's just something about this one that I love! Obviously if you haven't stocked up, Lush's Christmas products won't be available anymore, but look out for their mid-winter Christmas if you live in New Zealand or Australia.

Reindeer Rock Soap: This smells LOVELY. It is the matching scent of the Comforter Bubble Bar so if you like that you will enjoy this. I use soap to get get clean and smelling nice, and then onto the next product...

So White Shower Gel: This stuff smells just like the bath bomb and is addictive! I know some people probably wouldn't be the biggest fan of the scent, just because it's quite unusual, but if you're into fresh smelling scents then this is the one for you.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: This stuff is pretty amazing come time to get out of the bath or shower. Apply all over body just before you get out (leave on for a minute) then lightly wash off and step out. Your skin will smell gorgeous and will be feeling mighty soft and supple.

I love this little selection of Lush goodies and look forward to future baths (even if it's summer in New Zealand). I've become a big fan! Are you? What are your favourite products?! xx


  1. My favourite soap from Lush is the Miranda soap, smells divine! <3

    1. I'll have to give it a sniff sometime! :)


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