21 January 2015

My Favourite Albums

I love music so much, and over the past year it's been a regular occurrence on the blog with monthly playlists of what I've been listening to. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite albums and why I love them so much. These are all worth listening to and have popped up on the blog at some stage or another. I often love listening to whole albums and not just individual songs from artists as I learn to love each and every song off an album. I think it's a true sign of good music when you can love each and every song on an album, and I love just about every song on all of these. (in no particular order)
one: CHVRCHES / The Bones of What You Believe: This is a recent discovery but I have fallen head over heels. Their music is so interesting and cool and different from what I've heard before. An honourable mention goes to BROODS here which remind me of CHVRCHES.

two: Tom Odell / Long Way Down: Tom has one of the nicest voices I've ever heard. I could practically listen to him sing anything! These are my favourite kind of singers. I love his raw and honest songs filled with interesting and heartfelt lyrics. This album has a lovely feeling to it and is great saved for long car journeys whilst you look out the window and pretend your'e in a movie. (Don't act like you haven't done that before)

three: The XX / Self-titled: I have to admit, I haven't listened to each and every song on this album so that's kind of bad when this is meant to be one of my favourite albums. But anything The XX sings will grow on me, and they're so interesting and different. Not everyone will like them, but I very, very much do.

four: Alex Turner / Submarine: Obviously this comes under my favourites when it's concerning the film, Submarine. Alex Turner was involved in the whole soundtrack, and all of these songs I absolutely love pretty much equally. I LOVE ALEX TURNER. I don't want to seem like a crazy fangirl here but who doesn't swoon at his voice? This soundtrack means so much to me and reminds me of the movie so it's one of my favourite faves.

five: Angus and Julia Stone / Self-titled: This pair is magical. MAGICAL. Their voices are freakin' spectacular and I absolutely love putting this album on when I'm in my room pottering around or bored on a Friday night. This is one I highly recommend as it's a people pleaser as well as something a bit different thrown in the mix.

six: HAIM / Days are Gone: Ugh, I don't have words for these three girls. They are amazing. I love this album a whole lot, and will continue to groove along to these songs which are so unique and amazing and just what I needed to discover about a year ago, as long as I'm still around.

seven: Ed Sheeran / Plus: Who doesn't know who this guy is? I've been lovin' this ginger Jesus for just about three years and it was love at first listen. Just like Tom, maybe even more so, I could listen to anything this guy sings. And I mean ANYTHING. I will forever be hanging out for more music Ed releases and wishing that I could just go and see him in concert again this year (if it wasn't for being out of the country when he comes). *SOB* I feel like this album means a lot to me because it holds memories of being in Year 11 and that's gold when music can make you remember certain points in your life.

eight: San Cisco / Self-titled: San Cisco is the perfect Australian band to groove and tap your foot along to in the summer. I can't express my love for this album and each and every song. It's something magical, I tell ya. They're a little quirky and a whole lot amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this post on my favourite albums! Now I'll turn this one to you and ask: what are you favourite albums?


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