14 January 2015

Mood Board #2

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Right now I'm all about a comfy and casual aesthetic. As it's summer in New Zealand, I am turning towards laptop time and lazing about, plants and fresh smells, my trusty sunnies and polaroids. Also, I can't not mention my greatest love at the moment (okay I have three greatest loves): dark lipstick (odd in summer but who cares), Lush Celestial Moisturiser e.g. skin fixer and, of course, gold and copper accessories. I mean I got my Happy Plug earphones in copper not too long ago and I can't stop looking at them they're so pretty.

If I manage to buy more film I'll be taking away my polaroid camera on holiday on Saturday. There's something just that extra special about film, that it kind of distorts reality and makes everything seem a lot more happier or nostalgic than it may be. In case you're wondering, I'm heading to one of my favourite places in the world, and my second home, a little place near the Coromandel in New Zealand. I'm excited to have some me time and just relax. I'll be looking forward to those after dinner peaceful beach walks. Yes please!

I've scheduled some posts in the time that I'm away so yes, I'm still sticking to this blogging schedule thing. Side note: the fact that we're already half way through Jan scares me.

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