23 January 2015

Lust List #1

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What's a wishlist without a thing or two from Lush? Someone give me a lifetime supply of Lush and I'll be happy. Surprisingly I'm being rather tamed this time round because after spending a bit too much on boxing day, it's safe to say I don't want to be spending exuberant amounts anytime soon. Two things I am just DYING to have in my possession are very, very important to me. First, the Sherlock Season 3 DVD as I have the first two and I must, MUST have it. I would be happy to watch this show over and over again. The second is my favourite movie. I know, I know, that's quite the claim. But honestly, no other movie I have ever seen has made me react so strongly. I've only watched it once in fear of watching it another time and maybe thinking it wasn't as good. I just found out who the director of this was and I LOVE THIS MAN. He's an extremely funny comedian. So if this is going to be my favourite movie, obviously I need a physical copy.

The two Lush items on my radar are currently the Daddy-O Shampoo (a purple shampoo for blondes). I think I'm getting my hair redone at some stage to sort out my regrowth so I figured this time I better actually take care of my blonde locks and use products designed for blondes. So hopefully this in conjunction with Marilyn will be a winning combo. Also, something which is knew for New Zealand and Australian Lush (I believe) is the D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap which I originally heard Rhiannon from FashionRoxMySox talk about, and I really want to try it! I imagine it will give me super soft and lovely smelling pins! Before I go, another (tamed) item on my wishlist is another playsuit. I only own one and I'M IN LOVE. This one is from Jay Jay's and I wanted it (or something similar) about a week or two ago while shopping and I said to myself that I'll buy it when I have a restocked bank account and/or it goes on sale.

What have you been lusting over?


  1. love this list gal. I LOVE sherlock, such a greta serious, probably should be ashamed of how many times I've watched them ... x



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