19 January 2015

Details: Accent Nails

I've never really done accent nails before, but I so happened to delve into this 'trend' because the nailpolish on my ring fingers looked less than great, and BOOM, somehow this turned into a blog post (not a very good one). But I thought I should take photos of all these little 'details' in appearance, beauty or fashion or whatever and talk about them a little.

Fact: Taking glitter off nails is extremely bothersome, so why not simply use 'accent nails' as an excuse to only put glitter on two fingers. The main nail polish I used was Essie's 'Ballet Slippers' which is a pretty neutral pink that I probably would have worn to school if I was still in high school (eek) and the sparkly one is an aptly named 'Sparkling' from Revlon.

I swear I want to make these blog posts better and something of worth, but right now I'm just unable to make them something better than what they are now. It's all a work in progress. Me and this blog.

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