24 January 2015

An Update

I went on holiday to one of my favourite places in New Zealand and got back a couple of days ago. It was lovely to chill out and be at the beach everyday, but something unfortunate happened the first day there. Water was spilt on my laptop and then it got overheated in the sun, so to cut a long story short I have no laptop for at least the rest of the month. My blogging schedule will be non-existent over the next couple weeks until I sort myself out and I'm also rethinking the schedule in the first place and I'm feeling the drawbacks of having to write posts three times a week, so after I get my laptop back I'll just be posting when I want to basically. I will be back to posting in a couple of weeks hopefully so until then I'll be enjoying the rest of my summer. I had plans to do a monthly round up and playlist post next week but I will delay those until whenever I can make them. I will also be sharing more photos like the one above from my trip away. Thanks! xx


  1. Such a lovely blog Emma :) I follow your tumblr and found this x

  2. Thank you so much! :)


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