1 January 2015


Today symbolises the new year and with a boost of inspiration I've revamped the blog and set up some revised/new segments on the blog so this little corner of the internet continues to become more of what I want it to be.

{addressing the new blog name: for a long time I've had my tumblr ohflowerchild and after deciding that all of these changed blog names were just not cutting it, I decided to go back to my roots (possible pun?) and stick with what I have a loved for a while. it's simple & cute, plus my new header is pretty bangin' isn't it?}

New segments coming up on the blog explained:

moodboard: I began this thing a little while ago but want it to be better than it was. I'll be featuring general photos & things that have me inspired in the moment, probably with an aesthetically pleasing colour combo thrown in.

lust list: Just a prettier name for a wishlist which is always a nice post to see. I'll be showing you everything that is taking my fancy in terms of beauty, fashion and possibly even homeware.

month in review: This one's in everyone-who-reads-blogs' vocabulary, so it's pretty self explanatory. It's much the same as my Life Lately posts you've seen here but minus the instagram pictures and more DSLR photos thrown in with notable links, mentions and loves of the month.

read: Revamped 'What I've Been Reading' posts.

I'll also be posting plenty about fashion, beauty and other topics as I see fit in the mix of all this new organisation loveliness. I'll be posting generally 3 times per week, for now scheduled every mon, wed & fri. Look out for new exciting, creative posts. Follow me on bloglovin', tumblr and twitter for updates! With me going to uni this year and being eighteen, it's sure to be a huge year for me. Here's to 2015 and let's see where this one takes me.

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