31 December 2014

December Playlist


This month I have stayed true to an old favourite band San Cisco, I loved their music a while back and now I am getting into it again. Must be this summery weather that is making me push the play button on San Cisco. Their new song is absolutely fab - it's called RUN. I have been listening to a little Tom Odell as well, always good for long car trips and staring out the window pondering life. I have also been loving myself a little bit of Marina and the Diamonds as it's my guilty pleasure dance and mess around in my bedroom music. James Bay has been a recent add to my Spotify as I think he has an amazing voice. And of course I have to include my favourite and new discovery this month, CHVRCHES. Their music is SO up my street - an electronic pop vibe. I can't stop listening to the song The Mother We Share. Their music fits so perfectly into summer vibes right now.

What have been your music discoveries this month and of THIS YEAR? This is my last post of 2014, see you next year where I'll be posting three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from next week. xx

28 December 2014

Christmas + Boxing Day Haul / Room Redecoration

I've got a whopper of a post today (mainly lots of pretty images) because I've just redecorated my room and thought I'd share some photos of the finished product as well as show you what I bought on Boxing Day and a some of the things I received on Christmas Day.
Some things I got for Christmas included these (cute cute cute) copper earphones. I picked them out myself from the Urban Outfitters website. They're inexpensive and sooo pretty and functional. I was considering asking for the famous Frends rose gold earphones but they are so out of a decent price range for me it's ridiculous. One of the best things I got was the Daisy Dream perfume from Marc Jacobs. I smelled this at the airport on the way to Australia and wanted it so much! This is my signature scent now, I've decided. It's not too sweet, just very fresh and lovely. I got the book Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham which I'm so excited to read! I got a Henna Kit from a shop called Tree of Life which I'm excited to try out. In the room pictures you can see a black and light pink coloured vintage style jewellery organiser which a relative got me for Christmas and it's so special and lovely and fits all my things in it in one easy place, so I'm pleased with that. I got a So White bath bomb from Lush as someone obviously knows me very well. I adore the smell of this so freaking much! The rest of the Lush stuff was purchased by me on Boxing Day, but more on that later. I also got a few clothing items including a beautiful sheer navy dress from Glassons which is kind of in a high-low style (but in a really nice way). Unfortunately it's really hard to take photos of clothes/dark items on a bed so you can't tell what the dress looks like. I got a couple pairs of PJs, namely two pairs of PJ shorts from Cotton On. I also got a cute looking kimono/Japanese style dressing gown which is good for summer as my fluffy winter one is a bit too hot for this time of the year.

On Boxing Day I stocked up on Lush's Marilyn Hair Treatment as it was half price. I can't give this enough praise, it's literally sooo good. I picked up a half price Christmas gift box with the following items in it: Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (not pictured), So White Shower Gel, Reindeer Rock Soap, Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, Snow Angel Bath Melt, Snowman Shower Jelly, Butterbear (not pictured - already used) and the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar. I have also included Lustre + a trial size of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner as I had bought/received them recently. You can really tell I'm a huge Lushie. My other (expensive but worth it) purchase was the Citta Design Constellation Duvet Cover you see in these room photos. I'm so in love with it and so glad I decided to take the plunge and buy it! It's improved my room 100%. For my room, I have changed around the layout and now have my bed against the wall with an array of posters + things above it and to the side on the other wall. There are just little collectables on the wall such as art gallery information cards, a craft store business card, treasured polaroids, a postcard from Frankie Magazine, sketches and cards from people as well as (obviously) my Frankie Magazine 2015 calendar and art posters from Frankie and Yen Magazine. I will probably change up this space whenever I feel like it or around every month or so. For now I'm in love with this little space.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading this! xx

27 December 2014

Life Lately #12

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First of all, Merry Christmas from a few days ago and wow the new year is approaching fast. It's been a little quiet in this corner of the internet for a little while but I've just been sorting out a few things, namely what I want to do with this blog next year and thinking of posts to write. This will indeed be one of the last posts of 2014 so I will announce here that I am going to be posting three times a week next year; Monday, Tuesday and Friday and each will be a bit different from the last. I want to keep it fairly simple and achievable. I might plan out my posts, but I may not. Who knows? I still want creative freedom and variety.

Above is the select few instagrams I'm sharing from the last week. Of course Christmas has been and gone and it was a pretty lovely day overall full of food, presents and family. There's just something so nice about this time of the year. A few of the pictures are from Tuesday when I went to the beach with one of my best friends. It was a pretty great day and it was the first swim of the summer. A bit cold at first! I did get pretty damn sunburnt though, which is not good. The few days of being uncomfortable and angry afterwards made me want to go to extra measures not to get burnt again. I did use sunblock, it's just my stubborn overly pasty skin genes.

I have spent most of today sorting out my bedroom and rearranging things a little. I need to do this every now and then and when it's done I feel so pleased! I will be posting proper HD photos later on, probably in a couple of days. I bought a new duvet and redecorated the wall above my bed! With this post I will be showing you some things I got for Christmas/what I've been buying lately in a haul type post. Hope you will enjoy!

Also - here's a sneak peak of what I've been listening to recently! I'm so obsessed with San Cisco at the moment. I'll have the last music post of the year up on New Years Eve.

Things I've loved lately - This amazing insightful Ed Sheeran documentary (40 mins); if you love him now you will love him even more after watching this, highly recommend! Dan and Phil's Festive Day in the Life. Squealed when I saw this as I love them so much. ALSO I have to mention their amazing Sim's 4 series, they've just done a 5 days special leading up to Christmas. I have also been LOVING all the vlogmas' on Youtube this month. A day or so has passed with limited vlogs and I don't know what to do with myself. I have especially loved daily vlogs from: Lily Pebbles, extrasunbeamsjess, Joe Sugg and sprinkleofglitter . Basically I've been bloody obsessed with YouTube!


18 December 2014

Currently Loving #6

I have been loving a few things lately that I thought I ought to share with you since it's been over a month. There are of course a few beauty items as always so I'll run through those first: the amazing Lush Celestial Facial Moisturiser saves my skin and makes it so hydrated and lovely. It's pretty rich so I only use at night before bed. When you wake up your skin looks hydrated and glowing. I have also been loving the Maybelline Rocket Mascara as mentioned in my everyday make-up post. It's just the best in terms of volume and lengthening your lashes. I completely recommend it if you're looking for a new mascara. I can't not mention my latest lipstick collection also, it's the classic Rimmel 107 Matte Lipstick (probably better suited to winter time but sue me). I can't keep this off my lips at the moment. I wanted to try out a lip liner that would suit dark reds like this and found the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Black Tulip to be a near perfect match. Wearing lip liner means it just looks a bit neater and I can define the shape of my lips more. I will also quickly mention here that The Balm's Hot Mama Blush and Shadow is really nice and does the trick at putting a little bit of colour on my cheeks.

The other day I got the latest issue of Frankie, my favourite magazine. Inside is a little extra than usual: the 2015 wall calendar and cute postcards. Looking forward to using both next year. Another favourite is the book We Were Liars as it's quite interesting so far but I haven't finished all of it, I'm about half way through. Don't spoil it for me! I'll probably be mentioning it in a What I've Been Reading post in the near future. I also have a fashion favourite this month which is this light pink and navy flower patterned playsuit from Mirrou. I know this will be a summer favourite and was so cheap.

What have you been loving lately?


14 December 2014

Everyday Make-up Updated

everyday makeup
I thought it had been a while since I had shared anything make-up related on here, and I felt the need to do an updated everyday make-up routine. I think I've pretty much mastered the make-up combination of easy to do and something that looks natural. I will opt out of foundation most days really, but if I'm going out and want a little something extra I will use it.

My foundation of choice is the Rimmel Match Peferction Foundation as it's really pale (I have the shade 010 Light Porcelain) and that's what I need! I find it isn't too thick and is just the best I've found for my needs of the few foundations I have tried. I just mainly like the colour and radiance this gives you, but I still need to powder so I don't look shiny. I use the famous Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the translucent shade as it does the job perfectly fine. I use two concealers for different parts of the face. I use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in 01 one for blemishes and cancelling redness, so for me around the chin and nose area mostly. I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory for brightening my under eye and it works really well! Before all of these face products I do use a primer of sorts; The Body Shop Instablur which is so, so great. It smoothes out my complexion a bit and mainly just creates a smoother surface to but concealer/foundation over. It also reduces the amount of shine on your face which is really good. I only need two brushes in my routine and they are the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for foundation and concealer and the Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush for powder and occasional blush.

After all of this I will usually go in for eyeliner and mascara. I don't wear eyeliner everyday but do love the look of it. Winged eyeliner can be trial and error so if I'm not bothered then I'll just go for the Maybelline Rocket Mascara which arrived in the post not too long ago. It's the best mascara I've tried, it's really volumnising, lengthening and it's a very black colour. The eyeliner I use is the e.l.f liquid liner which is really cheap and does the job. I'm used to using a liquid eyeliner so it's pretty easy to use most of the time. In the past I have never been one for blush as I've never really tried it, but I bought the Hot Mama Shadow/Blush from The Balm and think the effect on my cheeks is really pretty, acting as a bit of a highlighter too.

Hope you enjoyed reading into my everyday make-up routine! xx

9 December 2014

Auckland Art Fair, Lush + Clothing Haul

On the weekend I went to the biannual Auckland Art Fair which was very busy but wonderful! I didn't buy anything for myself, but I could've if I wanted to spend a lot. But I did manage to pick up my friend's birthday presents: a super cute 'For Fox Sake' wall hanging that I definitely want myself, a stag head print and a cupcake soap which is so pretty! They have great things so if you live in Auckland this is a must see event once it comes around again. All the stuff there makes for great Christmas presents.

I also popped into a few shops in town and couldn't resist picking up some cheap clothes from the new Cotton On store. I got this striped grey and neon yellow shirt with a cute back (my main reason for buying) and this denim material skirt because I think it's a staple and I don't have one. I'm slowly building up a bit of a summer wardrobe. I also went into Lush because it's a neccessity, and got the Golden Wonder bath bomb and a small size of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner which I wanted to try, and if I like it I'll be getting the full size version.


6 December 2014

Life Lately #11

{In case you're wondering who's blog this is, it's still lil' old me, Emma, and I have changed my name from 'little lunar blog' to 'emma or whatever'}

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This past week for four days I have been a very busy bee. I've been out and about all over Auckland on my little sister's Wider Living Week (basically like a school trip everyday). For this one, it was the Auckland Art Tour and we visisted lots of little galleries as well as large ones, like Auckland Art Gallery (which I absolutely adore). In all truth, this has opened up my perspective on Auckland and all of the cool places we do have to visit! I remember admitting a couple of years ago that Auckland was always really boring and there was nothing to do. But now, I know I can hop on a bus and go and explore. I've done lots of walking this week, but it's all been worth it and way better than sitting around at home doing nothing.

Among my favourite exhibitions were the Alice in Wonderland ceramics which were shaped into animals like rabbits and sheep with penciled drawings on them. It was a cool contrast between mediums and they were just amazing looking. I would happily take one home with me. Another favourite was a small private gallery in Parnell which featured works from an international artist of paintings of Venice, which when viewed from far away looked amazing, but when viewed up close you could see that it was just made up of little paint strokes. (Doesn't sound very good, but I'm horrible at explaining!) I didn't get any photos of these but I hope you enjoy the photos that I did get above. I also fell in love with this fantasy-like crown which you may be able to see with the photos, made out of all sorts of things that looked like it could belong in a fantasy movie.

On one of the days we visited the Winter Gardens by the Domain, and let me tell you, they are so beautiful. The building is so spectacular, reminding me I need to visit it and the area much, much more.

We stopped by Unity Books which I had never walked past before while we were in town. I've heard it's an amazing bookstore, and with a ten minute stop there to look around, I'm definitely going to going back and buy a couple of books.

One of the biggest things I learned on this little art tour was that the 'standard' art like paintings, photos and sculptures is not the only art there is; it's also about architecture and many other forms. I feel like I know my city a lot better, and let's just say I've had loads of practices catching buses everywhere now!


2 December 2014

Mini Clothes Haul + Christmas Shopping

The other day I went Christmas shopping with my sister while, of course, hunting for some new (preferably cheap) clothes as per usual. I loved everything I bought, which included a new journal for writing next year. It's from a brand called Frank which are stocked in many cool stores, but I picked this one up at Next Door, part of Flo & Frankie in Newmarket. Side note, those block of three stores are absolutely amazing! I will definitely be shopping in Newmarket more as I discovered lots of cool new to me shops. We picked up a couple of presents there, it's great for Christmas or birthday gifts!

It's a bit hard to photograph clothes on a bed, so sorry about that. If I wasn't so lazy I would take photos of the clothes on me, but I'm sure you'll see them in future ootd's or outfit posts if I ever get around to doing any. We hopped along to the clearance Mirrou store which had lots of cute clothes for cheap, I was pretty impressed with the selection even though some (or most, really) is out of season. I picked up a simple grey cardigan which I have been in dire need of. I also got a grey and white striped top/jumper in an oversized style which I adore. I picked up this tartan jumper which is a really nice material (super soft) as it was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in. I will still get wear out of these as Auckland weather is pretty unpredictable. All of this came to $25 so I was very happy. We had a compulsory stop at Glassons because they always have nice stuff, and we got three sale items for the price of 2; my two included these blue and white flower patterned shorts (it does look like a skirt though) and this adorable blue patterned dress with buttons at the back which we are technically sharing. These both have pockets (!!!) so this makes me immediately happy. I always like to keep an eye out for bargins or sale items as chances are clothes you want to buy will go on sale later.

We also stopped at Lush (of course! how could I not!) and while browsing the gift boxes, I found a note with a candy cane attached which led me to kind of win a arm/hand treatment and some cute samples! The staff are so, so friendly. I just love going in there. I've tried out both the samples I received which they used on me in store and they are both great! I picked up a gift box there for a friend's birthday present and a few other bits for people's Christmas presents elsewhere. Hope you enjoyed this little haul!


{side note: I have changed my blog name/url to emmaorwhatever as well as my other social media accounts fyi}
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