30 November 2014

November Playlist

This month I have had a good music month, I think. I have a few albums that I have been listening to a lot and have fallen in love with for various reasons. Two of those albums are movie soundtracks, believe it or not. Let me introduce you to a soundtrack called Submarine, which is a film I actually watched after I stumbled across the album. Now let's just talk about this movie, Submarine, for a second because (I'm not exaggerating) this may be my favourite movie I have watched. I picked it up on a whim while at the video store because I recognised the album art which was on the DVD cover. I read the synopsis at the back and it seemed like something I'd like, so I took it home with me. I've watched it once, and I think I'm going to be watching this religiously in the future because I enjoyed it that much. I haven't found any other movie as genuinely funny as this one (it's hilarious in a British, dark, cynical kind of way - which is my favourite kind of humour). There is so much I loved about it, but I will stop here before I get too carried away. If you're looking for a film to watch, then I recommend Submarine. Maybe it was just so wonderful because I had zero expectations. Hmm. The music in the film is what I'm here to talk about - it's mostly from Alex Turner, who you may know from the Arctic Monkeys. I had already fallen in love with his voice in these songs (there's only five), so you can imagine how great and fitting it was to find them in a movie I enjoyed so much.

Another album I have been listening to (not for long) is Tom Odell's Long Way Down. I randomly stumbled across his name and I have fallen in love with this album. My favourite songs from the album so far are Another Love and Till I Lost, but I pretty much just love all of it. He has such a lovely voice, and the lyrics of his songs are wonderful. And I have been known to fall victim to listening to the supporting commentary album - basically a lovely British voice talking about music and songs. Relaxing to listen to while pottering around the house.

Going back to movie soundtracks, I have been LOVING the Love, Rosie movie soundtrack. I recently watched the film (adored and teared up a little bit) and went home to listen to the soundtrack because the music in the film was SPOT ON. I now adore Sam Clafin (too much) and like Lily Collins just a little bit (quite a lot). I definitely recommend watching that movie too, because it was so funny and sweet. My kind of movie. There are a few stand out songs in the album for me, including Alone Again (Naturally) by Gilbert O'Sullivan, Take Me To A Higher Plain by Kate Nash and I'm Confessin' by Peggy Lee.

Now listen!


27 November 2014

What I've Been Reading: Anna and the French Kiss

I finished this book in two days. It's the kind of read that I really like. It's light, funny, cute and romantic. Sometimes you just need a bit of romance in your life, right? This story followed two people, Anna and a really cute French/British guy called St Clair. I found it super easy to read, and I looked forward to reading it to see what would come next. The boy was a complete dream boat; I loved him so much. The main character, Anna, is sent to a boarding school in France (sounds like a perfect book setting to me) and it follows her life as she makes new friends from her home in America and sorts out her love life, basically. I'm being honest here, the book caused me to put it down and squeal for a couple of seconds when I was reading it on more than a few occasions. It's one of the best books I've read in a while, just because I found it really easy to get into the characters and I mean, it was set in Paris. So what can be bad about that? It makes me want to visit the city more, and makes me feel like I could find love there one day. It's not groundbreaking literature, but that's fine with me. Ah, romance novels!

Give this a read if you so feel inclined, it's a really good one if you like romantic movies and books!


24 November 2014

Mint Nails

Recently I have been loving this nail polish on my digits, Disclosed from the Topshop make-up range. This could be a dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple but this one is more blue than green. It's a great summer colour, though I don't believe in wearing certain nail polishes for certain seasons. I think this nail polish will generally suit a lot of skin tones, lighter skin tones will blend nicely and darker skin tones will make this really pop. As for the formula I think it's pretty good, it lasts without chips for up to a week. I do want to try other colours from the Topshop nail polish range, I'll just have to wait for the Auckland Topshop store to get here... (that's a thing, isn't it?). I'm looking for some new nail polish as I get pretty sick of the colours I have already. Any suggestions? I love Essie nail polish, I really want to get my mitts on some of that good stuff soonish.


19 November 2014

Birthday & Shopping Haul

I thought I'd do a post on some things I got for my birthday as well as the few things I bought when I went shopping the other day in town. For my birthday, I pretty much just wrote a list of things that I might want as my parents appreciate that so they don't have to struggle finding something I'd like. But I got things from Lush, Frankie Press, T2, etc from my friends and family. Hope you like looking at a bunch of cute stuff I luckily received.

The two top things on my wishlist were pretty much the Calendar and Diary from the Frankie Magazine shop as I missed out on buying them last year. I absolutely LOVE the diary, it's so pretty and can't wait to use it for uni and general organisation next year. I also adore the Calendar as each month has amazing artwork that will look great on my wall. Not all the Lush stuff you see here I got for my birthday - I bought two bath products when I was in town with some birthday money I had. On that trip I got the Avobath Bath Bomb and the Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar. The first smelt SO good I had to have it and the latter looked so adorable and I it will produce amazingly silky water. The other products included my favourite Marilyn hair treatment I had been out of for a while (SO GOOD), Celestial Facial Moisturiser (so amazing, honestly) and the Snow Angel Bath Melt (which I'm so excited to try!) I swear most of Lush products are just amazing, I can't get enough.

Since my laptop is new and it's kind of partly my birthday present, I got a purple case for it since I really needed one to cart it around places. Something that was very unexpected was a lovely pair of Peter Alexander Pyjamas which are a lovely quality and pattern. I'm glad I have my summer PJs sorted now because I was in dire need of a new pair. I also picked out some Pandora rings for someone else's gift for me and I loved these simple bands as I tend to not wear anything too fancy. From some lovely friends I got some T2 things, including some loose tea and a strainer, as well as a takeaway coffee/tea style cup and some handmade things which are always great! (Including a personalised calendar, two adorable mini hand painted photo frames and a necklace).

The last two items are clothes which I bought when I was in town myself. The shirt was $2 and had a cute saying which oddly comforts me in a weird way and floaty shorts from Glassons which will be perfect on a beach getaway I have planned with friends in Jan next year. I also got a few edible presents but let's just say they're long gone.


18 November 2014

Life Lately #10

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I have had a couple of very chilled weeks, as I don't have many exams unlike some people during this month. I have had one exam so far, and two more to go next week. For the rest of November, I'll just be pottering around the house and trying to revise as much as I can while getting prepped for summer.

Yesterday I went into town for a day out because I've been cooped up in the house for most of the month. I did some shopping with birthday money I'd received, and saw the film Love, Rosie. Such, such, such a lovely sweet and funny film. I really, really enjoyed it. Lily Collins and Sam Clafin are so cute together. Today I am listening to the soundtrack of the movie and it's glorious! I love listening to soundtracks of movies I really loved because it reminds me of different moments of the film. Highly recommend watching the film and listening to the soundtrack - I know it'll be on my monthly playlist at the end of the month. Besides seeing the movie, we walked in the rain (which was kind of nice) and had tea from Hulu Cat (also Chistmas Starbuck drinks...)

For most of last week and the weekend I've pretty much had a long study break, of just enjoying my birthday and having some time off! I think most of my stress I've already had from my art boards. I recieved some lovely cards, messages and presents from friends + family and will probably take some photos of some of the cute things I got/what I bought yesterday. I'll get around to that at some stage!

Things I've loved lately - this blog post, this video on making bath bombs and this bubble bath Alix mentioned which is (unfortunately) sold out.


14 November 2014

Changing things up

I thought it was about time I changed my desk area up a bit and this is the result. I love changing the wall above my desk every now and then as I get new art posters from Frankie and Yen, and little bits such as birthday cards and photos I can put up too. I think it's so refreshing to change up this area as it keeps me inspired and creative. I had a double up of a magazine recently so decided to use one to cut photos out of (I don't think I could manage to cut things out from magazines usually) and I find that having a balance of little and big things on the wall is really nice as well as different colours, etc.

The big posters are both from Yen Magazine of the last two issues. I also decided to put one of my single white shelves up on my desk as I think it looks so cute and is perfect for storage of books and magazines. I'm happy with the result and this didn't take too long at all. It's my birthday tomorrow so I expect I'll be doing birthday related things over the next couple of days. I'll have some posts up next week.


13 November 2014

One Year.

This blog has been going for one year, and in that one year I've managed to write a total of 130 posts. Not on very important or interesting things. I haven't really stuck to anything in that time, but all I know is that it's very fun having a blog and procrastinating photographing for things. I'm really excited for what the future entails as I will continue blogging as I am and posting about what I personally like seeing and reading. I've reached 60 followers on bloglovin' during this time which is quite small but a worthwhile audience. And even if there was no one reading this blog, it wouldn't really matter. Next year should be interesting as I'm entering my first year of uni and will no doubt extend and change my blog content as the months go by.

Thank you for reading! Now here are some pictures of my outfit I wore a while back.
I need to clean my dirty mirror. As I don't have a tripod, it's more than a little difficult getting outfit shots without someone's help. Ooh, and look at my messy unmade bed!

outfit details:

factorie top · topshop jamie jeans · rubi cat shoes · sportsgirl necklace

10 November 2014

ASOS Wishlist

asos wishlist
These are just some of the things I've been lusting over on asos. I love asos because there is such a big variety of things to choose from. Some of my favourite brands to look at at the moment are Motel, New Look, Mango, Monki, Daisy Street and Vero Moda as I can always find something pretty amazing and affordable. As a post exams treat I'm planning to buy a few things on asos that I've had on my 'saved list'. I'm currently looking for one or two casual cardigans or jumpers that can go with cropped tops and skirts or dresses as when it comes around to finishing of my outfits, I just don't seem to have anything like that. I've got a few options... it's just what colour to go for. I have my eye on one from Monki; a super cool looking grey one, a cheaper camel coloured loose and light fitted one, and a gorgeous looking mustard coloured one.

Summer's coming up soon so I'm thinking I'll probably need one or two nice looking dresses, and I thought this white lace skater dress from Vero Moda was pretty adorable. Two accessories that caught my eye were a Monki black purse as it's understated and simple and something I desperately need. I also thought these New Look cut out boots were pretty nice and I've always wanted something like them for a while.

There's probably tons more I could have mentioned here, and I'm sure I'll find more exciting stuff on there in the next couple of weeks while I ponder my choices...


8 November 2014

Mood Board #1

I've decided to start a new series on the blog to fill the gap in outfit posts which I just cannot manage to do at the moment. I'd much rather share what I've been lusting after in terms of colour palette, style aesthetic and mood. Every now and then I'll be sharing with you style sets from a once loved website (now to be reloved), Polyvore. I managed to get 40,000 followers somehow, so I thought why not jump back on that bandwagon and get a little creative.

if i was to say i'll forget it

trying to save the youth without putting your shoes on

i'm quite alright hiding today

Right now my mind is completely pointing towards Paris. Having watched Midnight in Pairs last night, and after thoroughly stalking this wonderful tumblr, it's safe to say I am in love with Paris. These sets are what I interpret Paris as. Basically: comfy and casual, lying in bed in a Sunday morning with a view of the Eiffel Tower, cameras and sketchbooks and lots of black and neutrals. Hopefully this series will give you a little insight into my style and at the same time provide you with some lovely looking clothes and accessories you can add to your wishlist. Also, thumbs up for having almost every title as an Alex Turner song lyric. You can follow me on Polyvore here.

(Also - have you noticed the regular blogging? I have a lot of spare time on my hands with school being over. I'm looking to get a blog schedule going at some point... maybe in the new year). P.S teeny blog makeover today. My creative juices are flowing.


7 November 2014

Currently Loving #5

I haven't done one of these in a while! I have been loving a ton of things recently, I just haven't managed to gather them up in a post just until now. I have mostly been loving beauty related things for some reason, but I'm really liking trying out new things for my face and body. I'll quickly talk about everything here! One of the first things is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask from The Body Shop. I've used this a couple of times and plan to use it weekly. I think this is a really good mask for people with oily skin. I have combination and I find it dries out my skin ever so slightly, but I just cleanse afterwards and it's fine. This is really good at drying out my spots and also very good at getting all the dirt that builds up on your skin right out. I feel like the impacts last until the next time I use it. I will continue using this and see how it goes, though. Another face product I have been loving so, so much is InstaBlur Primer, also from The Body Shop. I think this just makes make-up application a lot smoother and overall it just evens out your skin which I really need. I feel like it minimises the appearance of blemishes and pores too. Highly recommend!

I'm a huge fan of Lush, so there's been a few Lush things I've been loving. The first is a hair product called R&B which is such a life saver, I think I've said it before. It smoothes frizzy hair like nothing else, and I just use this as a leave in treatment after washing my hair. I'm addicted to the smell too; if there was a perfume in this scent I would gladly buy it. Another Lush product I've been loving is the Herballism Fresh Facial Cleanser. This has actually expired (one of the things I don't like about the fresh cleansers is the short expiry date) but I'm still using it because I don't think it matters too much. This cleans my face incredibly well and gives my skin a hell of a lot of a glow when pared with another favourite not mentioned here - the Tea Tree Toner Water. I'm going to be trying another one of their fresh cleansers when I'm done with this one. The last product is the Comforter Bubble Bar which smells so great - like blackberries and provides many bubbles when crumbled under running water. I just love that this lasts quite a long time because you don't need much for each bath. I almost prefer this than the bath bombs as I get more use out of this bubble bar.

A non-beauty related fave not pictured here is my Topshop Joni Jeans with ripped knees which I've been wearing when I don't have school. They're so comfy and you can bet I'll be buying another pair of Topshop jeans when a store opens in Auckland.


6 November 2014

What I've Been Reading: Someday, Someday, Maybe

I've been meaning to write another one of these posts for a while. This is one of the books I took away with me to read on holiday and I think it was my favourite one, called Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. I absolutely loved the main character and the narrator of the book, Franny. What I loved especially was her inner monologue, I suppose, of all the things that were on her mind. It's such a cute story about a struggling actress in New York. If I ever had aspirations to be an actress I would be so heart-warmed and inspired by this book. I still am inspired by this book as I loved the way this was written. I just kept wanting to read more of it, and I could relate to many things. I think what I just loved so much about this book was the strong and vivid images of the characters. Gosh, there are some super cute moments in this book. Franny isn't your typical 'girl' if you know what I mean. I feel like she actually had substance. She was hilarious! To be honest, I don't really know what to say and I'm not really giving this a full 'review' but all I CAN say is that this book was just freaking good.

Suggestions for future reading material?!


5 November 2014

Life Lately #9

Long time no see! I feel like it's been a while since I've properly blogged, I've just been so unbelievably busy with school for the past few weeks. I've never been so stressed in my life, but it's all easing now. I have finished my two art boards and a photography scholarship, just yesterday. Before I go back to more school stuff, I'll rewind to a couple of weeks ago.
On a sunny weekend I went out with my friends to do a little shopping - I really love going into town, it's one of my favourite places. I'm excited to explore areas I've never been during the summer. Anyway, we went for lunch at this amazing place called Coo Cup. It's basically a little place to eat Japanese food in cups. It is as good as it sounds, I had the Katsu chicken which was so yummy, and I will definitely be back. It's very close to the Uni I'm going to next year. I bought a few things which included a stop at Lush, my favourite little stationery store Daiso, The Body Shop, etc. I actually included some of the things I bought in the video I posted not too long ago. One of my favourite moments was sitting in the sun on bean bags on the grass at this little public park area. There were lots of people there, it felt like summer and there was even a bit of couple yoga or acrobatics to watch which was a bit random and very cool!

Back to the present... I have officially had my last day of high school yesterday. It was pretty emotional and I know I'm going to miss the people and teachers and the overall environment so much. It's like a big lovely community, but I know everything has to end at some point. I know high school is such a small part of life, and I know that I need a bit of change in my life so I can be more excited and focused next year. My school's prize giving was yesterday and one of the best things was getting the Top in Year 13 Photography award - I also got a polaroid camera as a prize. I went on stage to get my scholarship which you would already know about if you have read previous posts. Everything seems like a bit of a blur, but I know since the beginning of the year I have changed so much and become so much more sure of myself. Every year I say the same thing to myself though.
image (1)
My Design and Photography Boards

I've got a post coming up shortly which is my current favourites, mostly of beauty stuff I've been absolutely loving at the minute. Side note, I also bought some shoes online which arrived today but they're a couple sizes too big, so I'll be exchanging those. Kind of annoying, but I'll live. This post has probably been really boring but I find it nice to document my life a little every few weeks. Since school is finished, on my radar for the rest of November is studying for exams (I don't have many as I took [that past tense!] two art subjects). I also have my birthday coming up, in the middle of exams. It's just brilliant.

I am obsessed with The xx at the moment!

Oh and here are some things I've have seen and liked: I have been loving watching Lily Pebble's vlogs, I LOVED this collab - so hillarious! Aaand, Shop Style Conquers Boot Collection video was amazing!


1 November 2014

October Playlist

Man, I need to stop just loving a couple albums a month and listening to nothing else. I think I just love albums more than anything as they tell a certain kind of story instead of just a single song. So the two albums I've been loving this month are Coexist from The XX and + from Ed Sheeran. These aren't really new to me; I have loved The XX for quite some time (much to the dismay of people who say it's 'depressing' music - it's not) and well Ed Sheeran, that's self explanatory; I've listened to this album so much that I know every single word from every single song. Sometimes I just need a bit of a nostalgia hit.

I hope you enjoy this playlist and as always if you have any recommendations of music you've been loving lately, let me know in the comments! xx
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