28 August 2014

August Playlist

Here is another month of music for you - this one is good 'un! I have figured out by now that I like artists rather than individual songs as I've added at least a couple from my favourite people to listen to at the moment. It seems the announcement of the NZ 1975 Tour in January has sparked my interest again in that wonderful band so I've been listening to them a whole lot! I wish I could go to the concert, but I'm not allowed to spend money at the moment because I'm strictly saving up for a new laptop, but who knows if there manages to be any tickets left at all once I've got my laptop then who knows.

I have been loving Troye Sivan's album release like just about everyone else in the world! I love this type of music, all the songs are catchy, quirky and something I've never really heard before. My favourite would have to be Touch. What about you? I have also been loving an old Arctic Monkey's album - Favourite Worst Nightmare. One of their best, best, best albums if you ask me. My favourites are 505, Teddy Picker, Old Yellow Bricks and Only Ones Who Know - you should check out the rain edit of that too, it's amazing! Hope you enjoy the playlist if you decide to listen, and have a good September, it's going fast isn't it?


Troye Sivan / Happy Little Pill
The 1975 / Girls
Matt Corby / Big Eyes
Troye Sivan / Fun
The 1975 / Sex
Troye Sivan / Touch
Arctic Monkeys / 505
Arctic Monkeys / Old Yellow Bricks

Oh and I've just saw that the blog has reached 50 bloglovin' followers - thank you so much! It's a small number for some but it's nice to know some people have a bit of interest on the silly little things I post here.


24 August 2014

Spring Awakening


Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Jay Jays
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: Mirrou
Shoes: Rubi Shoes

It seems like months and months ago when I last did an outfit post, and so here is a rare one for you. I've just noticed a pattern where I post about one every month. You've caught me on a very monochrome day. Who am I kidding, every day when I'm not wearing my school uniform is a monochrome day. (Even then, uniform). That's got me thinking that I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss my school uniform when I don't have to wear it every day next year. It happens to me every summer holidays where I actually miss wearing my uniform? Weird. It's just comfy, I'm used to it. The end of high school is pretty sad, really.

Moving on from that and to my outfit - this is what I wore on Saturday when I had to get up for work and afterwards did a spot of shopping to pick up something from town. I wore this grey acid-wash type tee which I seemed to have lost for about half a year before it conveniently got returned to my washed pile a couple of days ago. Love those kind of days. I'm also wearing my bog-standard black cardigan and asos satchel, nothing new. Since it's seemed to be a bit warmer this weekend I dragged out these cat flats which I seem to like more than I did a while ago. They're just so easy to wear with an outfit like this. One day I will bring you interesting outfit posts, but today is not that day. I've oddly had some good moments this weekend, and now it's 6.30 pm on a Sunday night (one of the worst times/day of the week if you ask me with school early tomorrow and everything) and I've got a 6 credit Classics internal due on Tuesday that I really, really need to do. I don't think right now is that time - sometimes I just need to say no and do what I like which right now is watching danisnotonfire videos and marathoning it at that.


19 August 2014

Life Lately #6

Untitled-1 (1)
We'll start off with the most recent, shall we? Today I went out exploring an empty concrete warehouse for my photography board. At the moment I'm on the lookout for abandoned buildings - they're so interesting! I am so, so excited to see how this board comes together. In other news, also about photography, I've had one of my photos exhibited in a small gallery. If you know/live in Auckland then you'll know where Piha is - it's the Piha West Coast Gallery. It's a pretty cool thing, as it's my first real exhibition and it's being sold for actual money, so who know's what'll happen. Money toward my savings, maybe?

Speaking of Piha, it seems I have been hanging out there quite a lot (okay, twice) both on school related reasons, but as one of my teachers reminded me, we're pretty lucky as a country. I think I probably take it for granted most of the time because I'm so used to it. I haven't been up to much else apart from that, just the usual assignments at school. It's my twin brother and sister's birthday today so we're off to dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to it!

*Edit* - I've just added in the photo if you're curious!

Things that've caught my eye: This video on not going to uni, this beautiful post, Anna's Wardrobe series, and Anna's weeky vlogs have been an addiction of late!

What have you been up to lately? xx

13 August 2014

Blog Love

I have followed so many new blogs lately on bloglovin' it's ridiculous! One of my absolute favourite things to do every day to unwind and relax is sit in bed with my laptop and read all the new and exciting blog posts on my feed. I thought I'd share with you the best of the bunch of these new to me blogs!
Joy Felicity Jane - This is one of the best kind of lifestyle blogs: beautiful photography, she always has something interesting to say, and there's a mix of all good things like food posts, life updates and travel. Good pictures are a must for me on any blog, and the thing I probably love the most from this blog!
Views of Now - This blog is an absolute gem. I love each and every style post as the photography and editing is wonderful, as well as the actual clothes. It's always a joy to find you have a post from this blog to read. This makes me want to go and scour for amazing outfit locations. Tell me your secrets!
Reading My Tea Leaves - Erin here has the ability to turn small things or small moments into something special. I especially love reading her 'my week in objects (mostly)' posts. Her photography is just wonderful and effortless too.
Samantha Heather - All of these blogs do seem to have a theme running through them... gorgeous photography, and this one is certainly no exception. Makes me want to take my camera out more and explore! Both her personal lifestyle posts and professional photography is a pleasure to look through for a good half an hour or more.
Dear You, Love Em - I discovered this blog today and I'm already enjoying it. By the looks of it she has some beautiful travel posts (which make me want to travel to Europe very badly) and a bunch of other nice stuff including appreciating the small moments in her reoccuring 'Sunday Smiles' posts, which I'm a very big fan of.
It's Cohen - This girl has effortless style and I always enjoy looking at what she's wearing in her outfit posts. There's not much else to it.

I hope you found at least one new blog to check out. Now tell me, what are your new (or old) blog discoveries?

9 August 2014

Life Lately #5

(My cat, looking extremely unimpressed)

I hadn't been having a particularly good week when I reminded myself that the little things really count and that there will be plenty of good days after bad ones. Take for example this amazing sunny Thursday morning before school started as I had a free period (Thursday's are becoming my favourite days). Just me and my laptop, cat and the latest Yen in the sun.

This photo looks like a double exposure image but it isn't, it's just something I took from reflections through the window, the intense sun making it easy. Right now I'm getting pretty excited because at the term I get to go away for just under two weeks on holiday in Australia. I can't wait to shop 'til I drop, relax and lay in the sun. From now until then all I'm doing is trying to save up as much as I can to buy a MacBook Air on the way back home in duty free as it'll save me quite a lot of $$. After then it'll be looking closer to summer than ever! I, of course, have got exams to think about too.

Today I headed into work for a couple of hours as I didn't feel like working too much (my hours are extremely flexible, I can basically work whenever I want for how long I like) and then went out for lunch with my family nearby. I had a lamb pizza which was very good. Day's like this are the best - all I'll be doing for the rest of the day is relaxing with my laptop. I've got a killer headache right now though so I think I'll be taking it easy. I'm also off to the Travel show tomorrow with my parents as we may be booking an extremely, extremely exciting trip for next year.
Today I also rushed into Farmers to repurchase my powder, Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder, as mine had well and truly seen better days as there was not much of it left in the tin and earlier in the week it had smashed on the floor and cracked all the product in bits - I seem to have a knack for dropping things and breaking them.

Links I Love // This Rookie Mag playlist, this little reminder for gaining confidence, all of this delicious looking sweet stuff and inspiration for a little room switch up.


6 August 2014

My Summer List

I can't tell you how excited I am for this summer, it is going to bring so many possibilities. I have so much more motivation for my blog and myself when the sun is out and I'm able to take decent photos, as well as having so much time off. I was looking through my flickr stream and came across some photos from last summer that make me so happy, it was at a time when I was taking photos constantly and looking back at myself in some of them shows how much I've changed and how long my hair has grown, haha!
To celebrate the near end of winter (I am ready for a bit of warmth please), here are some things I'm dreaming about doing this summer. What's on your list?

1. Taking more polaroid pictures and who knows, maybe I'll whip out a disposable camera to document the best moments? I like the idea of this very much.
2. Go to some sort of market or fair! I remember maybe last summer (or even the one before?) my friends and I went into town and passed through this cute strawberry market, there is literally nothing better than fresh juicy strawberries and vanilla icecream! I also love going to craft type markets. Let's just go into town a lot in general please.
3. Go somewhere new. I want to explore a few parts of the city I've never been to, or other areas in my home town. Whether that be finding a cute cafe to go for breakfast at or explore a different op shop!
4. Collect many flowers from my garden, neighbourhood, whatever. I particularly love doing this in the summer months. Since I can't exactly afford to buy flowers to keep in my room, there's always a pretty good selection at your disposal all around you. Flowers make a good accomplishment to blog photos too. Speaking of that...
5. Take many, many photos... for the blog and other. I want to take my DLSR camera out a bit more as well as taking a bit of extra time to appreciate the fantastic light I'll get in my room to take photos for the blog. Also, outfit posts.
6. Get ready regularly even if I'm not up to much and just get out of the house! I am guilty of staying in my PJs for the whole day on various occasions when it's the holidays. Unlike some people this makes me feel really, really lazy and guilty that I should be spending my time more wisely. Of course there will be many days I will be doing nothing and relaxing in my fat pants, but you know, Carpe Diem (seize the day) and all that.
7. Save up! I'm saving up for a MacBook, I'm so excited! That means limited spending for me as much as possible. If all goes to plan I'll be able to buy one before Uni starts next year. Uni! I can't believe it. Something tells me the blog will be taking off more than ever next year...

3 August 2014

What Winter Looks Like

I kind of like the idea of doing a seasonal photo diary type thing for the blog. With that in mind these are just photos shot on a whim on a rainy Sunday morning from my bedroom. Sometimes you find the urge to just take some photos, right? I am so eager to get out there and take more photos. I love the idea of going to a beach in winter. Too bad we missed our annual winter trip to Pauanui. I can't wait to go travelling the next holidays and take my camera along with me.

Big Eyes by Matt Corby on Grooveshark

This song by Matt Corby was covered by a student at my school on Friday night for a show. Let me tell you, I fell in love with it. Big eyes is my soundtrack for today as I attempt to not procrastinate. I'm one of those procrastinators that finds a billion other things to do to put it off for as long as possible. Hmm, what shall I do next?
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