30 April 2014

I'll Take Comfort Any Day

These photos don't quite capture the colour of this jumper I picked up from Dotti yesterday - it's more of a purple plum. The grey in this style originally caught my attention, but I thought why not go for something a little different from anything I have in my wardrobe. This jumper is seriously the comfiest thing ever, and was on sale too so I'm not complaining! I think Dotti have to be one of my favourite stores as even though their prices are getting up there, you get what you pay for. The quality of their stuff is pretty good, so it's worth it. I currently love the idea of a minimal wardrobe, or the five piece French wardrobe technique.

The rules are simple:
1. Every season buy only five items of clothing
2. Basics, lingerie, socks, and accessories don't count
3. Coats, shoes, and bags count

There are conditions and guidelines, and it is different for everyone depending on your style.

When it comes to style, I just don't go for anything extreme otherwise I think I end up looking like I'm too overdone. This jumper may make me look like some kind of hobo but I'll take the comfort over anything else any day! Wow - it's May already tomorrow. Cannot even comprehend. 

Jumper: Dotti / Jeans: Mirrou / Shoes: Number One Shoes (Old)

29 April 2014

April Playlist

I've been feeling the urge to get a bit more creative with my blog lately. I think it's hard to 'stand out' in the blogging world, but I think with giving your blog a signature feel and style, it helps. I've been thinking about my blog quite a lot recently, and over the next few months I'd like to morph into what I'm most interested in posting about and the types of posts I enjoy writing and photographing for. I think I may feature a little more of my hand made lettering on the blog from time to time as I've been enjoying physically doing it and playing around with photoshop which I'm teaching myself more and more these days.

How good are Haim? I absolutely love them! There is something so unique and fascinating about their music. It just makes me want to dance, especially If I Could Change Your Mind. I can't stop listening to the Arctic Monkeys - literally any song I'll be happy to listen to. Kate from gh0stparties told her viewers in a recent video to go and listen to one of the Bombay Bicycle Club's albums, and I've fallen in love with their sound. I especially quite like this song.
Photos are from Tumblr, the black hole that it is hence no photo credit. What have you been listening to this month?

26 April 2014

What's With Toners?

If I'm honest I don't know a whole lot much about toners - all I know is that they help even out your skin, hence the name 'tone' and there are different types you can get to suit your skin tone, with the likes of toners specifically for oily skin, dry skin etc. The Lush Tea Tree Water Toner has been on my wishlist for a number of months, so I knew I hate to bite the bullet and just buy it!

There are a number of things I want to talk about in this post, but mostly just how amazing a simple step in your skin care routine can benefit your skin a whole lot. We'll get right down to business then. Upon using this toner for the first time, I did notice a difference. I'll quickly run through what type of skin I have: combination skin - oily on my chin specifically and sometimes my forehead, normal to dry on my cheeks, and quite dry on and around my nose. This toner specifically caters more to oilier skin, targeting red, irritated or acne prone skin. The reason I originally wanted this was because my chin is SO prone to acne you would not believe it, and with the combination of it being quite a sore, oily mess at times I just hate having to put up with it. I've had this problem for a good half a year, I'd say. Teenage skin, hey? It's a joy.

To use this, I spray two spritz' of the stuff on a cotton pad and quickly wipe it mostly on my chin and the resedue on my forehead and across my cheeks after cleansing, of course. I feel like even though this is targeted to oily skin, it doesn't dramatically dry out your skin, and overall just gives a nice evening effect, making the skin smoother and easier to work with. Lush recommends you moisturise after using the toner, and I completely agree as it can draw out some of the moisture from your skin. However, that's what it's targeted to, as I said - tea tree oil is meant to dry up your acne and help with redness. The most magical thing about this is that the toner makes your skin even, so it's easy to glide your moisturiser over the top afterwards. I personally notice a huge difference in my skin (mainly chin area) since using this. It's not pretty having bumpy, sore, red and irritated skin, so this just works to settle and calm everything down. It also helps with controlling oil, and I am noticing that it is helping clear up my skin - the acne is no longer bumpy or as obvious as before.

This has no overly strong or offensive smell - I know that some people probably don't like the pungent smell of tea tree oil, but this only has a faint reminiscence of that smell. I know that this toner is pretty natural and I'm not using harsh chemicals or anything on my skin as it's from Lush. This tea tree toner works better than a tea tree oil or gel treatment for me. I like that it's pretty affordable since I opted for the smaller bottle first to try it out. I do think that I would repurchase this again just because it's pretty rare that I find a product that just works. Toners are something I would never thought I would use as I just didn't think it would make a difference - it's no means a miracle worker but I've been pleasantly surprised.

25 April 2014

Take Me To France

To be honest all I need here is a red beret (perhaps I'll have to put my hair down first) a baguette and I'll be pretty much as cliché French as you can get. I can't help wearing stripes most days, I think a good striped t-shirt is a classic piece everyone needs in their wardrobe (even if I have about seven...). Funny story: I asked my mum if she could buy this top for me instead of an Easter egg... if that doesn't say much about me, I don't know what does.
Somehow I suck at taking pictures so these aren't the best. Self timer and no tripod really is not my friend, try balancing your expensive camera atop of your old Twilight books and a toothbrush... seriously. Yep, I did that. At least it makes for a semi amusing story to go along with this post, right? I could tell you about how I went and saw Divergent on this day and it was great, apart from the fact I didn't go because people who bale on you -- not cool. I still really want to see it and just wish I could from the comfort of my own bed and leftover Easter eggs tonight. Who am I kidding, I devoured the rest of the chocolate yonks ago.
Top: The Warehouse / Jeans: Forever 21 / Shoes: Mirrou / Necklace: Boh Runga / Rings: Gift

23 April 2014

Forever Repurchase

I've probably mentioned most of these products on the blog but I thought I'd round up a selection of things that I have found myself repurchasing again and again or I know I will repurchase in the future. The first is a goodie but a simple one (hah) in the name of the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I find this fits my needs when it comes to moisturiser and if I'm honest it works so I don't stray away from it. It's gentle on your skin and is refreshing as well as pretty good at putting moisture back into the skin after cleansing. It's affordable too, I think I've gone through about three of these but it's really not hard to as I have a proper skincare routine in place and use it everyday morning and night.

The second is a pretty basic product and something pretty much everyone should have - it's a simple pot of Aloe Vera Vaseline. While this stuff is not exactly long lasting on the lips, it's a quick fix for dry or chapped lips that's sorted right away. It's perfect for a base under any type of lip product that requires a bit of smoothing first.

Cetaphil is the only cleanser I have really used. Before using this, my skin was just plain awful really. This cleanser softens while it cleanses so I find it helps me put a bit of moisture into my dry skin. I think it's really important to wash your face properly while sticking to a routine so your skin settles down and doesn't react to the overload of products you're giving it. This typically lasts me quite a long time so I'm okay with the slightly bigger price tag compared to some cleansers. I think there's not really any widely known cleansers out there, I'm sort of scared to try something different because my skin works fine with this product.

Lately I have been finding foundation just too heavy for my skin and have been opting to use the Lush Jackie Oates Supplement as a sort of concealer on the odd days, but for when I want to put foundation on my face I really like the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation as it doesn't make me look orange as I'm pretty much as pale as you can get and the formula isn't super drying. I've actually done a post on this foundation so if you want to find out more about this beauty you can click here.

What are some products that you just can't live without?

21 April 2014

The last of summer

We've generally been having good weather for most of the year but now I can see it's beginning to change. It's autumn down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but on the day when I took these photos it was really warm and felt like we were going into summer. I think I have a love hate relationship when it comes to hot weather, on the one hand it makes me quite cranky but it can also really bring my mood up. I thought why not make the most of being able to wear clothes like crop tops and shorts while the weather lasts.
I am smitten with these shorts from Forever New - everything in that shop is so beautiful but too pricey to buy much. I don't own another pair of shorts like these as I tend to think they can sometimes look like pyjamas but they are literally so comfortable so I'm thinking when spring comes around again, I'll definitely be a little more experimental when it comes to wearing shorts. I think it can be a bit boring, but when you try printed ones such as these I think the result is really cute. To pair with the shorts I threw on a basic white crop top and accessorised minimally with a cream ring and bracelet, both I got in Hawaii last year. (It has officially been a year since I ventured to America with my family. Post holiday depression is still running strong!)
To tie the outfit together I painted my nails with Rimmel's Aqua Cool, which in the bottle looks like a baby blue but is a super pretty blue-purple colour which I adore. Happy surprises are the best! I think the nail polish works well with the outfit without it looking too matchy-matchy but matching enough if you get what I mean. I'm a very basic dresser, opting for simplicity, comfort and monochrome most of the time, so these shorts are a little bit out of my comfort zone but I still really like them and I'm glad I got to wear them before winter hits!
Top: From a cheap store in America I can't remember the name of / Shorts: Forever New / Bracelet and Ring: Hawaiian markets / Shoes: Rubi Shoes

20 April 2014

Sunday Stuff #013

I hope you're having a great Easter weekend. It's the school holidays for me now so hopefully I'll be able to work on some great blog content in the next couple of weeks - especially outfit posts as I'll be wearing actual clothes everyday and not my school uniform.
On Thursday it was a super crazy weather day, if you live in Auckland you'll know what I'm talking about, I woke up generally scared for my life as it felt like there was a cyclone outside my bedroom window. But as they say, the calm after the storm came the next day and it's been feeling like spring! For now I'll be chomping down on the last of the chocolate marshmallow eggs and hot cross buns.
A few instagram pics from this week ~ if you like you can follow me here.
Friday was all about the hot cross buns and having a really lazy day. I finished the day with a load of Domino's pizza a pamper night with a Lush bubble bomb. On Saturday we went out for a super lovely lunch, I opted for something a bit healthier as I'm trying to eat better (mainly just cut out the load of sugar I eat) although it's really not at a great time, is it?

Also, HEADS UP! This is the last Sunday Stuff post I'll be doing on the blog. I've thought about it a little and instead of a weekly life update post, I want to do a 'life lately' post every now and then when I've actually got something to talk about or some worthy pictures to share because I feel like sometimes I'm making a stretch to write up a quality post every week. This has come about with the overhaul of my blog too! You know me, I can't sit still for very long with one blog design. But I am absolutely in love with the one I mustered up over several hours. One thing I learned: GOOGLE EVERYTHING. I strangely love slaving over html for copious amounts of time.

Happy Easter! How have you been spending your time?

19 April 2014

Giving Blush A Go

I have never really been one for blush as I definitley don't wear a lot of make-up and I have no reason to as well since most of my time is spent at school throughout the year. I think as I get older, I will start buying blush as it's more appropriate. I was intrigued by this NYC Mosiac Face Powder as I liked the idea of adding a little bit of colour to my face with the rosy pinks and bronze shades in this powder. When using this, I like to use it as a blush or contour (let's face it, I'm not a make-up professional but I know a thing or two from watching beauty YouTubers) instead of an overall face powder as I prefer the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

I grab my Real Techniques Contour Brush and apply some to the apples of my cheeks and/or get the fish lips on and run it under my cheekbones to add a little extra glow and natural flush. I'm a believer in keeping things pretty and minimal, so when applying less really is best. I always know I can add more later if I want, but it's so much harder to fix it when you know you've added too much. I don't use this all over my face as I'm yet to experiment with that, but I think using this product as a blush works well. For this, it's really about the concept rather than this specific powder - I have seen a few products like this with the 'mosiac' idea of light and dark shades that you swirl your brush around in. I think these type of powders give you something a little extra to your face and makes you look naturally healthy, fresh and glowing.

Will you be trying something like this for your face?

17 April 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Shopping in Newmarket means I have to pop into Lush. I have to go in every time I walk past one as it has to be one of my favourite shops ever. I knew this time instead of buying a couple of bath bombs like I usually do, I wanted to cross a couple of things off my wishlist that I've been eyeing up and desperately wanting. The first thing I grabbed hold of was this Marilyn Hair treatment for blondes. It claims: "Marilyn moisturies damaged hair and brings out natural blonde tones with regular use, making hair look more vibrant." Oh boy. I think I may have fallen in love. This stuff is SO perfect for my situation, having had my hair highlighted lighter. This stuff made my hair feel fricking amazing, like the best my hair has ever felt - but more on that later as they'll be a full review up in the near future as I use it a couple more times.

The second thing I picked up was the Tea Tree Toner Water, something I have wanted to try for months. My chin is currently (and has been for the past half year) horrendous with spots, redness and sometimes very sore. It's just one of those problem areas, whether it's hormonal or what, I just don't know. Lush says: "Oily, dull, tired and spotty skin brightens up with a routine spritz of Tea Tree Water." Having used this for the last few days, morning and night I think it really makes a difference to my skin. It brings the redness right down and basically shrinks everything so it's more manageable. I'm still testing it though so I'll reserve my thoughts for another time. The last little thing I picked up was a butterball bath bomb which my friend recommended I should get; I didn't really need to spend any more money, but it was cheap and I always enjoy having a bath with Lush bath bombs.

Have you shopped at Lush? (Where have you been if you haven't?) What are your favourite picks?

15 April 2014

A Full-Proof Lip Tint

I had never heard of anything like this little product until a couple of weeks ago when I picked it up for cheap at a sale. I know if I want a long-lasting coloured lip tint, I'll reach for the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint + Balm. The short answer to how this product works is you apply the felt tip side first and then apply the balm side once it's dry to give shine. It's unlike anything I've seen before. So what's the verdict?

First thing's first, I absolutely love the colour of this stuff, it's a gorgeous fuchsia colour and wouldn't mind it in a few other colours too. This stuff is seriously so long lasting - if I apply it in the morning after drinking and eating the colour is still there, albeit a little lighter and not so glossy. In saying that, that is what I like most about it; that in the morning you can have glossy, vibrant lips and then later on it'll be bought back to just a faint tint of colour that looks really natural. There's just something about it that I really love, and when I have this on, I literally don't worry about it at all because it doesn't smudge, the worst it'll do is fade to a lower vibrancy. When applying this on the lips it feels like you're covering your lips in permanent marker, but it isn't a bad thing, if anything just shows how tough-wearing this stuff is. I have never seen this before so it may be hard to get hold of, who knows, but I really like this!

13 April 2014

Sunday Stuff #012

Out-take from this outfit post.
This week I am working on being calmer. Appreciating the simple things like getting a good sleep, washing my hair, curling up in bed to watch a movie. I think I will always be a homebody. I don't think I could stand it if I didn't have alone time which more often than not for me is about reflection or simply shutting my brain off and doing something that interests me. I feel like doing what you want to do and feeling how you want to feel in the moment is so important for me. This quote really stood out to me: You shouldn't try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you’re supposed to feel awkward. Sometimes you’re supposed to be vulnerable in front of people. Sometimes it’s necessary because it’s all part of you getting to the next part of yourself — Cecelia Ahern, The Book of Tomorrow.

Sometimes, when I I feel life is getting too much, quite frankly, dramatically - it's important to realise that I should just live, really. Because it's what we're all supposed to be doing, you know, actually enjoying life. After a hectic week, all I want to do is relax and feel peaceful. I've been blissfully relaxing this weekend with this song on non-stop, after watching Her which is a very good movie, and getting quite addicted to it'sJudy'sLife. Those are my thoughts this week. How has your week been?

11 April 2014

Grey nails in time for winter

Grey,especially maybe on nails is probably generally seen as quite boring, but I personally love quite monochrome or plain coloured nail polishes. I have wanted a nice grey colour for a while - I picked up this one from a make-up sale for $5. It's Rimmel's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 803 Man Overboard. It claims to dry in less than 60 seconds and says it's a one coat nail polish. On the one hand, this nail varnish does try quite fast so not having to wait around for five minutes for my nails to dry is a bonus. On the other hand, I do think that you definitely need more than one coat. I like to think two coats is a good idea so the colour pay off is completely opaque. Because it dries fast, two coats is no biggie, and anyway, with any nail polish, I would do an extra coat.

This nail varnish is more a dark based grey rather than a blue based grey, so if you're after a pretty light grey, I'd look elsewhere, but these nails practically go with anything in my mind. So far I've had this on my nails for a good five or six days and there are no chips except for one which occurred the night I painted them (as I was at a party and clearly not caring much about the well being of my nails). I quite like Rimmel nail polishes; I've got another one lined up to try soon which is a pretty light blue - maybe I'll save it for a rainy day. Have you tried Rimmel nail polish or anything from this particular range?

10 April 2014

Oh Flower Child

Wednesday was a half day for school so naturally after walking around after school I popped into an opshop and browsed for about two seconds before I spotted this dress. Originally, it was for the print because I really like simple, monochrome prints. I noticed it was like a maxi dress, but on me it's a bit of a strange length - half way between midi and maxi. But I'm okay with this because I gathered it's something different, and it's out of my comfort zone. I don't own a simple long dress, but they are literally so comfy and you don't need to worry about the dress blowing up past your head on windy days.
This dress actually has shoulder pads, but I am planning to take them out because I'm not really a fan of that look. I was contemplating cutting the dress to a shorter, standard style length, but now I'm probably going to keep it the same for now as I have a ton of normal above the knee dresses. So, tell me what you think - cute or a bit farm girl? That's what my sister said to me, haha! But honestly, I want to take a few risks here and there when it comes to clothes.
Once again I've popped on these shoes as I knew they'd be super cute with this long style dress. I don't know if there's anything these shoes wouldn't suit, so I know I'll be wearing them for a long time until they fall apart. I've got my outfit planned for mufti day tomorrow - which will today when you read this - (wearing your own clothes to school instead of uniform if you didn't know), generally I'm not a fan of mufti days as I can't be bothered making the effort, (I can tell dressing for Uni everyday is going to be a pain) but I'm just going to go for really casual and cute with black skinny jeans, a white and navy striped top and these black sandals. Bring on the weekend! This is my last full week of school before the holidays, and I can tell you, I cannot wait.

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Old
Bag: The Warehouse
Shoes: Mirrou

9 April 2014

Getting Organised

Apparently it's National Stationery Week so to celebrate I thought I'd put together a post about how I stay organised or how I'd (ideally) like to stay organised this year. When I'm not organised, or I don't feel like I'm in control of everything happening, my mood instantly drops. I can't function without a decently clean room or a lot of clutter. That's just the beginning of it. There are some simple ways to make sure you're organised in life so that you don't go stir-crazy or feel like you're drowning in mess!

Your bedroom. I don't know about you, but especially because I still live at home, I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. If I don't have a clean environment where I can do homework, relax, read, sleep, etc., I really can't function. I learnt this the hard way in the school summer holidays when I felt absolutely terrible because my room was a constant mess. Trust me, if you're feeling a bit down, clean your room. It sounds strange,  like, do you really think I can be bothered cleaning my room when I feel so tired? but if you have a nice environment around you your mood will go up amazingly. Slipping into a freshly made bed with an organised room is the best feeling. The simple things in life, hey?

Your school life. It doesn't matter if you're in high school or University, feeling in control of your school work will make your life 100% better. Even if you're not in any sort of education any more, there's always going to be things to write down in a simple planner from the likes of Typo so that you've got everything in one place. Due dates, important events, birthdays, appointments - just everything. There was a reason for Jane Ryan in New York Minute going berserk because she'd lost her day planner - you don't need to be a control freak but it just feels so good that you've got your life organised, especially school when it's such a big part of your life, am I right? Blowing your money on stationery at Kikki.K is perfectly adequate.

Be Organised in General. Personally, I like to do things like homework or everyday tasks that need to be done as soon as I get them or remember I need to do them. I find I just feel so much better that I've made the effort to complete that assignment/make my bed/clean my room as soon as possible so with the annoying chores out of the way, I have more time to do what I want. I like coming home and doing homework or things that need doing in the afternoon rather than at night, because it's my relaxing time where I forget about everything related to school and life and just trawl through my favourite blogs and subscription box on YouTube. Trust me, if there's one thing to look forward to it's that time when you've done everything you have to and you can relax. Obviously, there are going to be exceptions to this, of course if you are feeling absolutely burnt out or down, grab that container of ice cream, snuggle down under the covers and watch your favourite T.V show. Everyone needs a break like this at least once a week if not more - it's about being smart and taking initiative.

This has sort of turned at a side note, but I'm out! I hope any of this was useful. I quite like writing these types of posts, let me know what you think.

8 April 2014

The New LBD

I really should get around to shooting more outfit posts. The truth is, they're one of my favourite posts to look at and read. I personally love fashion photography and would shoot myself if I could! (With a camera that is!) But you know how it goes, you either have to be the model or the photographer because self timer and tripods are not your friend. I just wish I had a sister who was more compliant in taking photos of me. For that reason and that I don't always look camera presentable means this isn't exactly an outfit post, but we'll let that slide.
This is the outfit I wore to a party on Saturday night which was so, so fun. Fear not, I did wear a black slip underneath this dress as that would have been waaay to see through! It's a shame though because you kind of loose the detail of the dress when you add a slip, but for obvious reasons it's not a good idea to go slip free. The sleeves of this dress are absolutely gorgeous and just something very different from what I would normally wear. I don't have any long sleeve dresses, but this three quarter length is very flattering. I can't help but get a 60's vibe from this dress and while wearing my new shoes which I am absolutely in love with. What I liked about the dress is that it's something a little more interesting than just a plain old LBD. As always, Glassons is very on point.
While picking up these shoes I tried on a pair of Trousers from the same store because I've been looking for some super comfy pants rather than just tights. These were SO comfy and looked nice apart from the fact the bottom of the pants flared out too much for my liking. They looked cute with the shoes when rolled up, and I can't help but feeling like I should have just gone for it and bought them. Ah, shopping regrets. Have you had any of those recently?

Dress: Glassons
Slip: (not pictured) Supre
Shoes: Mirrou

7 April 2014

The Perfect Red

I have found my answer to the perfect beautiful red lipstick in Rimmel's Kate Moss' Lipstick in 01. I picked this up in a huge make-up sale for $5 and I have to say, I've definitely got more bang for buck with this medium red, making me feel like I can break boys hearts as I wear it (not really). I personally love wearing red lipstick, it just adds a whole layer of confidence. The formula is perfect as with pretty much all Rimmel Lipsticks. It glides on velvety smooth, is vivid in colour and pretty long lasting (apart from if you've eaten particularly sloppy foods that day). It's super affordable and in my opinion every girl needs a good red lipstick in their life. What more could you want?

Here's a tip: If, like me you need some practice applying lipstick and don't want to agonisingly wash off your attempts and ruin your whole mouth area in the process, use a small make-up brush like the Real Techniques Detailer Brush (which comes with the Core Collection kit) to line your lips as a lip liner would so you create shape and definition. There's nothing worse than looking like a clown or Miranda Sings because you're not the best at applying lipstick. Practice makes perfect, they say.

6 April 2014

Blog Makeover and Fresh Start.

Lately I haven't been as happy with the look of my blog and my blog content as I could be. So I decided to switch it up a little. It still stays within the reins of what I call aesthetically pleasing and feeds my need for something simple, albeit a bit plain Jane. I have worked my ass off today photographing for upcoming blog posts, editing, thinking up ideas and testing my html skills. I think fresh starts can be so invigorating so I'm looking forward to creating quality posts which I would enjoy reading. Thank you if you have followed my blog by any chance. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of this blog.

Sunday Stuff #011

This week was a bit of a blur, the same old school day after school day. Life is going so fast at the moment and I can hardly believe it's April already. Boy, am I looking forward to some easter eggs once the school holidays hit. I am pretty burnt out from school - just another two weeks (not even that) and I'll get some well-deserved break time. This week I've been trying to find some time to read, so this is what I've been reading! Who knows if I'll finish. I'll probably report back with another book review sometime.
Anyway, Saturday was one of the most eventful days this week and one of the best in a while! I went opshopping and normal mall shopping with my friend first thing in the morning (I'm saving my well-deserved sleep in for Sunday morning.) That one extra hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings is going to go down well, I can tell you. I didn't actually buy anything from the opshops, instead I got two DVDs for free because they were scratched (I'm yet to find out if they work but I think they probably will). This is probably a huge bore, haha! I ended up spending more than I liked on a dress and slip for a party that I've just come back from, which was the most amazing night. And yes, I can still form sentences.
I got the most gorgeous shoes ever from Mirrou to wear with the dress, it was literally love at first sight or a shining beacon when I walked in the shop and saw them. They're a little old fashioned, but very in. Vintage is coming back and has been for a while, my friends. So yes, cute dress and cute shoes - very successful shopping trip indeed. The outfit above is what I wore out to dinner a few nights ago and I had the most delicious Italian meal. Typing this up past midnight when you're peckish is a bad idea. I've been loving my daisy sweater so much and this outfit is something I can see myself wearing a lot.
I won't bore you any longer but I wanted to attempt to bring something interesting into the blog. I say I'll post more but I can hardly find the time. We'll meet somewhere in the middle for some vaguely interesting posts in the future while I try and survive Year 13 ;)

1 April 2014

April Playlist

This month has been a good month for music. I have fell absolutely in love with many, many songs. I could probably have included a lot more songs in this month's playlist but whittled it down to 10. I am especially loving Arctic Monkeys, Vance Joy and Vancouver Sleep Club. I have discovered a few odd songs that I've never had the chance to listen to but have had in my iTunes library. I'm in the process of building up my iTunes library again since I got my own laptop a few days ago. Enjoy the playlist!
April Playlist by Emma on Grooveshark
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