19 March 2014

Dreamy Interiors

I was at the mall this past weekend and I was helping my mum looking for new kitchen stuff. I couldn't help but point out to her everything that I would want in my home when I have a place of my own. I wouldn't mind being an interior designer, you know. I fall in love with dreamy bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces daily on Tumblr so I thought I'd show you some of my favourites recently.
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What I prefer in a home is pretty evident from these photos; white, pops of colour, bookshelves, cute duvets, plants, flowers and wide open spaces! This is just a little fill in post since I am so so busy this week! Year thirteen is not easy, obviously. I always put my assignments above everything else so hopefully I'll get a few worthy posts up in the near future. Tell me, what does your ideal home look like?
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