31 March 2014

Make-up Haul

As mentioned in my Sunday Stuff post, I went to the ASB show grounds in Auckland to a huge make-up sale with loads of brands and really cheap make-up and beauty stuff. I decided to restrain myself and got everything for around $35 which is great considering everything I got. If I had bought everything full price it would have been much more.
I picked up the Loreal EverPure Moisture Conditioner because I already have the shampoo and conditioner duo and it's really good. Sometimes I feel like my hair needs a little extra something, so I'll probably use this once or twice a week. It was a bargain price at only $6 when I know it's usually quite expensive. When I saw the nail polish tables I screamed internally because I absolutely love nail polish. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the price (and the fact I can't buy nail polish online because it's not able to ship to New Zealand? What's with that?), but these nail polishes were only $5, I had to restrict to buying two so I didn't spend $50 on nail polish. I am in love with these colours - a dark grey and a soft blue from Rimmel. They had Essie nail polishes for $6 (my absolute favourite nail polish) but we could only find a couple on the tables, one of which I already had. The next thing I got was the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 01 which is a classic red colour, I have a couple of these and know they are fantastic lipsticks. I picked up this 'colour wheel' from New York Colour for $5 which is a mosaic face powders full of different shades of powder, basically. I've seen things similar to this before and thought it was interesting to add some colour to your face or just your cheeks. I threw in a pot of Vaseline Lip Balm in Aloe Vera for $3.50 and I'm already loving the stuff, it makes your lips really soft and it'll be handy for school. The last thing I got was a $5 Rimmel '1000 Kisses' Lip Tint and Balm. You apply the lip tint and then on the other side is a clear moisturising stick type thing which you put over once it's dry and it gives a shiny and glossy look. I already love it after swatching it on my hand as it is SO pigmented, vivid and long-lasting (not matter how hard you try it does not wash off your hand, haha). I'm so happy with everything I bought and I'll be reviewing most things here in future posts!

30 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #010

After a pretty much two week hiatus (not many decent posts in sight) I'm beginning to get back into the game and the balance of school and everything else. It has been a busy couple of weeks for me. Next week I have a few interesting posts planned so watch this space.
On Saturday I went with my friend to check out the big make-up sale at ASB showgrounds. It was massive with heaps of products and people! I'm really glad I decided to go because I got some nice products for a fraction of the price that I would normally get them for. These are some of the things I got from the sale; I'll be posting a little make-up haul later in the week so watch out for that. I'll be sure to review all the products as I try them out gradually.
Also - I have been really bad at instagram this week so there will be none from my account here this week, you can follow me here if you want :)

29 March 2014

Boohoo Haul

You couldn't exactly call this a 'haul' considering I bought just two things, but oh well. I have known about Boohoo for a while but I was enticed to buy something after watching Zoella's haul on YouTube. I started off with buying two jumpers from their site in time for winter and I'm in love with them! The first one is this cute and very thick daisy jumper - I had my eye on one on Romwe but this one caught my eye when I was on Boohoo. It's literally going to be perfect for winter because it's thick and keeps all the warmth in. I took it for a test drive on a sunny day and let's just say I'm leaving that one for a few more weeks.The other jumper I got was this grey, slightly cropped jumper which is in a waffle style. I thought it was going to be soft and cozy but the material is quite coarse, but I'm not too bothered because it's the style I was going for. A think a third jumper might be on the cards soon - preferably a giant cozy one I can pair with tights. I'll be keeping my eye open ;) I'm a bit jumper obsessed; I just feel so comfortable wearing them, and I'm definitely one for comfort. Overall I'm super happy with my purchases, and they literally always have sales (sometimes free express shipping) so I can see myself ordering from them again sometime in the future. (Links here and here.)

26 March 2014

What I've Been Reading: Bossypants

Hey everyone, I guessed it was time I put out a decent post in these neck of the woods. I really like reading if you didn't know, one of my favourite things to do on a weekend is read an entire book (although life lately certainly hasn't allowed me the freedom of this).
But today I decided to sit down and write my thoughts on Tina Fey's Bossypants, the latest book I've got my hands on.
Before reading this, I only knew Tina Fey from Mean Girls, which I'm sure is the case for quite a few other people. But this book did not mention one bit about Mean Girls, so I'm left sitting here like a fool. Cutting to the chase, I enjoyed this book very much. It deals with many issues surrounding women and as well as her knack of being very funny, I found myself coming away from this book with my fair share of 'life advice' or words of wisdom from the lady herself.

I loved reading about her childhood and how she broke into the comedy industry, it really shows how you've got to get through the hard yards first before you gain any sort of success in the way Tina Fey has. I think she is an incredible women, and in no point in the book did I think 'eh, whatever - she's not that great', 'she seems fake' - she's a real women and it's amusing to read her internal dialogue on things like her photo shoots. She really is great and I did manage to laugh out loud while reading which is a big plus in my books (unintentional pun alert - I promise I'm not trying to be funny.) The book is basically about her life, in a non-traditional biography way. I'd recommend it to anyone really, who likes easy reads and feels like a bit of a chuckle.

23 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #009

Sorry for the absence on the blog! This week was officially the busiest and most stressful week of the year so far for me. Next week will probably be no different, so don't expect miracles from me on the blog front ;) I am actually getting a laptop pretty soon so I'll probably be posting a bit more gradually. Because I had absolutely no chance to take any decent photos this week, here are a couple of my instagram snaps for the week. You can follow me on instagram here if you like!
If I ever get a spare moment I'll be reading these two books which I'll probably include in a 'What I've been reading post' which I'm planning in the near future. They both seem very interesting. Also, this is what it's like when I wake up (at the crack of dawn it seems) and walk to school. Clearly, you can see my life is very riveting.

Apologies this is so boring, but you know, that's reality!

19 March 2014

Dreamy Interiors

I was at the mall this past weekend and I was helping my mum looking for new kitchen stuff. I couldn't help but point out to her everything that I would want in my home when I have a place of my own. I wouldn't mind being an interior designer, you know. I fall in love with dreamy bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces daily on Tumblr so I thought I'd show you some of my favourites recently.
Sources: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

What I prefer in a home is pretty evident from these photos; white, pops of colour, bookshelves, cute duvets, plants, flowers and wide open spaces! This is just a little fill in post since I am so so busy this week! Year thirteen is not easy, obviously. I always put my assignments above everything else so hopefully I'll get a few worthy posts up in the near future. Tell me, what does your ideal home look like?

16 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #008

This week has been stressful! But I know it doesn't even begin to compare to what I'll be feeling by the time the due date for my art boards roll around. This weekend we've been experiencing Cyclone Lusi. We haven't had this much rain at least before Christmas. This weather makes me feel less guilty about not going out to do much. What a perfect time to catch up on assignments, huh?
Here are some of my favourite photos from my instagram this week. I got the new issue of Frankie Magazine - the struggle I'm always facing of getting it about three weeks late. It's finally looking like autumn which I'm excited for! I wore these sandals with a monochrome outfit amidst the leaves today. I have been reading a funny book called Bossypants by Tina Fey, a non-traditional biography of sorts. I haven't finished it but probably will extremely soon as it's such and easy read. I'm thinking of doing a post on my thoughts of this book if you're interested once I'm done (and I might start doing this for my other reads too!) I also redecorated my wall a little bit as I had to make room for my gorgeous Frankie poster - I always enjoy doing this as it makes me feel like my room is somewhat new! If you wish can follow me on instagram here for more daily snaps of my life.
Anyway, yesterday I decided to go and venture out and go opshopping. It wasn't really that successful, mostly because I was so overwhelmed with all the stuff as the one I went to was very big. I had about five things in my arms, but I decided to put them back for various reasons. I picked out two gorgeous (in my opinion) coats but they were too expensive for what I think they were worth (especially for second hand). Besides, I've already ordered a new coat/jacket online so couldn't really justify spending money on something I didn't really need. And at that cue I will move on to talking about the only item I picked up which funnily enough, I didn't really need either. It's a black dress with some detail in the front including some lace inserts that no matter how hard I tried, is really difficult to pick up on camera. I thought it was a cute, basic dress so I went with the 'why not?' mentality. I originally just liked the shape of the dress and I don't have any tight fitting dresses either. I really wanted to find some gorgeous shoes from the opshop, like the boots I had found a few months ago. I really need to discover some other opshops so if you live in Auckland and know of any decent ones, I'm all ears.

15 March 2014

Autumn Nails

This is what my autumn nails will be looking like over the course of a good few months (albeit those pesky school rules of no nail polish will definitley ruin this). Tell me, how does nail polish effect your learning? As for school image, no one who sees you walking down the street will ever in their right minds be looking at your nails and frowning at them. Side issue aside (hah), I know it's very traditional and substandard to have darker nails as the months get colder, but I think it suits the mood well. I love autumn and cannot wait until I can wear layers without sweating. Gross, but now moving onto the business of nails.

The first nail polish is Revlon, a plain ol' black which I have fond memories of (spilling it in a huge blob on my bedroom carpet on my sixteenth birthday - a stain that still remains there today albeit slightly less noticeable). I love black nails, as goth as they can look I prefer my nails to be short and square when adorning black digits. It's classic, simple and easy. Second is an O.P.I nail polish called Malanga Wine. I absolutely love this colour and in my mind it's the perfect shade to embrace the leaves falling off the trees. The formula of O.P.I nail polishes are second to none - thick, glossy and long-lasting. The last nail polish I'll indeed be sporting is another Revlon one in Plum, a dark purple colour I wish I had the guts to wear on my lips. So nails it will go on instead. Depending on how light or dark you want this shade to be you can apply one to three coats; one for a pretty purple colour or three for a very dark purple which I adore.

What are you wearing on your nails this autumn? Or if you don't live in the southern hemisphere, what are your spring faves?

14 March 2014

My favourite magazines

I have an obsession with magazines, they are my favourite thing in the world. I have some favourites and they come in the form of I'd say intentionally different and creative arty magazines which are about double the price tag of the usual gossipy teenage magazines that feature basically the same content every month. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of gossip every now and then and reading trashy magazines is just sometimes needed. But I like reading intelligent, thought-provoking, unique articles that you don't find in your usual gossip magazine. That extra bit of dosh spent on these mags is so worth it, because it both fulfils my aesthetically pleasing want (it looks pretty cute in your bookshelf) and you're reading about creative, interesting, always slightly odd people and projects each time you pick up one of these wonderful magazines. And basically, my dream job is to own or write for one of these types of magazines, so I have to buy them for obvious future inspiration and guidance, right?! Warning: You will not want to rip out the pages of these magazines, but you will be highly tempted to.

Frankie. Hands down this is my favourite magazine on the planet ever. If you haven't picked up a copy, just do it. Especially if you are an arty, creative type you will absolutely love this. I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet buys and instagrams this mag but it's gaining popularity for a reason, it's damn smashing! The covers are always unexpected and just darn cute it makes my heart break. But the content alongside the pretty pictures are always something to look forward to. The pages of this are thick and the whole magazine basically feels like some sort of book to add to your collection every two months. It comes with the best art posters which I almost look forward to plastering on my walls more than the magazine. (Okay, not really, but the point is they are fabulous.) What it's best at doing: Featuring odd and creative people as well as having articles that are relatable and funny from different writers. People who'd enjoy it most: Arty, creative types - even women in their 30s and 40s would enjoy this. Let's face it, it brings out my inner granny.

Peppermint. Why wouldn't you pick this up looking at this amazing cover? Not really knowing much about the magazine, I decided to pick this up one time because it seemed like my kind of thing. The content is slightly more like a traditional magazine - it's not as weird and arty; this magazine's prime content is about sustainability. Now I have to admit I'm not one for it, but there are interesting articles about things like travel, world issues, featuring people like David Attenborough. It's sort of like a girly, edgier, prettier toned down version of National Geographic? Alright, maybe not quite but it certainly has a edge of focusing most things about the environment and nature. It still has things like environmentally friendly fashion in the mix too. What it's best at doing: Featuring articles about the world and the bigger picture, highlighting important issues not just about sustainability. People who'd enjoy it most: Those who are interested in the environment and learning about the world.

Yen. This is another popular one among Frankie. This magazine has glossy pages like a traditional magazine, but are still thick and ooze good quality. I find this mag still has the celebrity interviews (e.g. Lorde) but always features people a little more unique and unknown to throw into the mix. It has great fashion shoots and clothing featured (beware, a little on the expensive side!) but it's just all amazingly pretty to look at. There are feature articles that posses the same unique quality as Frankie. Things in the mag could include art, photography, fashion, entertainment like music, films and books, and random little interesting articles about stuff you suddenly realised you always wanted to know about. So it's a step up from the typical teen magazine but still has elements of it so it's a good first choice if you want something to read that's a bit more original and not just mundane celeb gossip. This one also comes with art posters which are double sided. What it's best at doing: Their fashion and photography is ace in my mind, and the interviews are top notch. People who'd enjoy it most: People who love fashion, art, film and people.

12 March 2014

Pretty Things

Kicking it old school with a layout of a few of my favourite things lately, but basically wanted to share because of the pretty pictures. 1) Forever 21 shoes, so comfy and transitional from summer to autumn. 2) Alexa Chung's 'It', duh. 3) Old (not really) issues of Frankie. Sigh, just look at it. 4) Favourite make-up: Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner / Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine / Bourjois Lipstick in Peche Cosy.

9 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #007

I love the feel of having fresh sheets and changing up my duvet cover and pillows. I have these cute patterned ones from Bed Bath and Beyond which are different on the other side so I can switch it up mega easily if I want a change! Oh and hey there Alexa Chung's 'It', you are awfully photogenic aren't you? This baby won't be going away in my photos any time soon ;)
Here is the mandatory Saturday morning food post and a sneak peak of an upcoming post about what I've been loving lately. You can follow me on instagram @ohemmalouise. Have a good rest of the weekend, make the most of it x

7 March 2014

Art Journal

Having an art journal is something that I'm know I'm going to be doing for a long time. I love having the freedom of writing, painting, doodling, sketching whatever I want in it in whatever form - I don't even have to fill up every page. I know that it's been a real release for me when I want to lie down at the end of the day on my bed and in the early hours of the morning when I don't want to sleep. The pages are blank, there are no restricting lines or things you have to do - that's what I like best about it. You can go months without doing anything in it, and then in a few days you'll fill up about a third of the book. That's just the nature of it. I've collaborated some ideas of what you could put in it:

Tickets. Train, bus or ferry tickets to look back on and treasure! I stash these all away in my memory box or alternatively you can glue some of the best ones in your notebook. Also - concert tickets. Just blue tac them in if you don't want to commit to gluing them down (that goes for anything) or you could also stick in your movie tickets or if you've been on holiday stick in any tickets you've acquired through activities.

Photographs. Whether they are polaroids or photos printed out from your computer, it makes a cute touch to the book and you'll be happy you printed and saved them when you look back. Often it's difficult with having digital cameras that we barely get to actually look at our photographs and just have them stored away on a computer to forget about.

Dried Flowers. Go out in the garden and collect some flowers, stick them in fresh and close the book, or for a better result place the flowers in a big book and place something heavy on top, check back in a few months and you'll have beautiful dried flowers.

Dreams. As soon as you wake up, jot down that special dream you had that you never want to forget, or alternatively record it in the notes of your phone while it's fresh in your mind and later when you've got spare time, write it in the notebook.

Drawings. Use pencil, ink, pen, felt tips, paint. Anything. Make something abstract, unload your feelings on the page with whichever colours you feel like using, or simply watch T.V and draw anything that pops out at you if you're bored and looking for entertainment.

Something that made you smile. Jot down your favourite memory of the day that you want to remember, or stick in a cute note or card someone gave you. Even draw a scene of something that happened so you can remember your memories, that's important!

So if you haven't already I'd encourage you to go out and buy a cheap blank notebook and fill it up to your hearts galore, just don't go criticising every mark you make it in as it's about expressing yourself and not worrying about what it looks like. It's also a special treasure to keep your whole life and look back on it - especially if you're a teenager like me, you're going to get the essence of the good ol' teen angst days when you're forty.

5 March 2014


For what seems like ages I've been searching for a new pencil case for school, even though school basically began a month ago. First, I had ordered this one off asos, but when it arrived they had sent me a black dress... which was in no way what I ordered. I was quite angry because you know, I just wanted a pencil case but they had to make a mistake with my item. With that sent back and refunded, the search began again because I decided I couldn't be bothered with waiting around for a replacement to arrive again even though they gave me a 10% discount (I'll probably use it on something else.) If only I lived in the UK, I'd be able to get it in a day.

I then looked on Kikki.K's website as I am absolutely smitten with their stationery and if it wasn't for the hefty price tags I would have bought out their whole shop by now. I spied this pencil case, a pretty leather look mint colour. On sale too! In search for it at my closest store, I had no luck, so again, I gave up on that. I headed back to my trusty and cheap Typo as my next resort. There it was, a beautiful and simple pencil case with butterflies on that reminded me of this poster which I would practically die for to hang up on my wall. Finally, the search has ended and in the end it hasn't cost me a fortune, only a lot of hassle.

Also pictured: my new phone case from Glassons and the Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine.

3 March 2014

Skin Saviours

When my skin is happy, I am happy. There are a few products which make sure my skin is looking presentable, including the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Boy, I payed a lot for it but it's the single product which saves my skin from looking absolutely blah. Glowing, supple skin is what this cleansing balm gives you. When it comes to moisturisers, I seem to not use anything apart from the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Moisturiser. It irritates my skin zero and makes sure my skin is soft and refreshed.

As I've mentioned before the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel is pretty much a saviour for sorting out my spots, but use sparsely. I stray away from products with a load of chemicals and nasties because I have super sensitive and irritative skin. Products with tea tree oil seem to give my skin what it needs. And then because my routine is not without my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation lately, this smooths out any redness and gives my skin an all over glow, while not looking orange on my pale skin.

2 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #006

This week something very big happened for me, I got my braces off. You'll understand how big this is when you've had them on for two and a half years of your life (it feels way longer) - I couldn't even remember what it felt like to have just plain old teeth. I also got my retainer on Friday - it's not the best! But I'll know it'll be worth it in the end.
Apart from that, it's been the usual school, school, school. It just takes over your entire life at this age, doesn't it? This is the outfit I wore yesterday while shopping. Like I've said before, stripes are never far from being on my body. I'm slowly transitioning into autumn fashion so I paired the striped shirt with a long black chunky cardigan and denim shorts. While on that shopping trip I also got a cute new phone case which I'm smitten with. It's from Glassons and normally I wouldn't have bothered paying $10 for something I didn't really need, but how could I resist when my sister offered to pay half in exchange for one of my old cases? Exchanging something old for something new? Sounds good to me.
On Saturday I went out for dinner to celebrate a friend's 17th birthday and wore this little dress (which sort of looks like a jumpsuit!) I had the most delicious dinner at the Japanese restaurant, it really hit the spot. It was just what I needed - a couple of hours of time with friends.

1 March 2014

March Playlist

I have been listening to plenty of Arctic Monkeys, the old favourite Lorde, and a few other songs by artists I've never really listened to before. That was my little challenge during the past month and I think I've discovered some amazing songs during that time. I often find songs via tumblr as my followers obviously have extremely good music taste. I tend to really stick to what I love when it comes to music, but often when I bother to look for new artists I usually find some really good stuff. Anyway, here is March's Playlist and what I'll be listening to over the next four weeks.

March Playlist by Emma on Grooveshark
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