13 January 2014

Bedroom Snippets

Things you may want to know about: 365 journal from Kikki.K, Birdcage from Typo, Art Posters all from either Frankie or Yen Magazine, Owl Pen Holder from Typo, Lanterns from Typo, LOVE tea lights from Typo, Duvet from Spotlight (Brand is Logan and Mason), Calendar from Typo, Tea-cup Candle from Typo.

Recently I've redone my room up a little, rearranging and redecorating some things in my room. I'm pretty pleased with the result, but there is still a few things to sort out: a possible alternative for a new desk which matches my room better, a new desk chair, somewhere to hang/put my T.V, new pots for my plants or to DIY them, paint the matching bedside table that goes with my dressing table, and to clean and fix up my mirror.

My walls used to be a candyfloss coloured pink -- the result of a nine year old's decision, and trust me when I say it's so lovely to have white walls (or off white) after those pink walls. The white dressing table was a result of hours and hours or stripping, sanding and painting which I'm so glad I've managed to do mostly by myself, and the art posters I've accumulated from my two favourite magazines are quite a nice touch! I barely bought anything new from doing this, so it just proves you can revamp your room if you want to a bit of a change!

My room pretty much fits my personality so I'm happy with the result! I'll still be working on it the rest of the holidays though to muster up a few other changes.

(By the way, have you noticed it looks like I live in a jungle from the view outside my windows? Trust me, I do not.)

Stripes and Polaroids

Shirt from Dotti
Jeans from Forever 21
Shoes from Rubi Shoes

Yesterday I went on a little shopping adventure and ended up buying four new tops and a pair of shoes. For the past three weeks I have been in a state of utter mess, and let's just say it wasn't pretty. I've been stripping, sanding and painting my dressing table -- basically turning it from a dark wood to all white. It's come up very well, but in that time where I had no where to store my clothes, I was not a happy girl. Now that my bedroom is actually tidy I can breathe a sigh of relief and get on with my life.

The point is -- while clearing out most of my clothes in the process, I had realised that I really do not have all that much that I would wake up in the morning and be happy to wear. I needed some basics, and yesterday I came away with this really nice striped shirt from Dotti, the fabric is quite heavy and good quality. I am picturing wearing this with a black skirt of some sort (another basic I really need). I really am a sucker for stripes, I could wear a striped shirt any day of the week. This one is now sitting happily in my newly refurbished dressing table, and I can't wait to wear it all sorts of different ways.

Right now, the only alternative to wearing a dress or skirt for me is wearing jeans. These are my favourite jeans from Forever 21 which I picked up in America, what, seven months ago? Wow, has it really been that long? These are my favourite thing to wear mostly because they are so comfortable, they almost feel like leggings. I find that most jeans can be so stiff and so uncomfortable that I don't like wearing them because I definitely opt for comfort over anything else. These really are the closest thing to boyfriend jeans that I'm going to get right now -- does anyone else have the problem of finding well fitting boyfriend jeans that don't make you look like a farmer?

Now, I really wish I bought more Forever 21 jeans because they were so cheap and something I wouldn't really find in New Zealand stores. That's another reason to build a Forever 21 here in Auckland, okay? Please.

On a side note, Polaroids have been adorning my walls as of late and this camera is my new obsession -- too bad it adds up to about $1.50 for a photo in film. I'll be sharing a few snippets of my bedroom soon, and I've got a mini haul post planned for the near future.
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