2 December 2014

Mini Clothes Haul + Christmas Shopping

The other day I went Christmas shopping with my sister while, of course, hunting for some new (preferably cheap) clothes as per usual. I loved everything I bought, which included a new journal for writing next year. It's from a brand called Frank which are stocked in many cool stores, but I picked this one up at Next Door, part of Flo & Frankie in Newmarket. Side note, those block of three stores are absolutely amazing! I will definitely be shopping in Newmarket more as I discovered lots of cool new to me shops. We picked up a couple of presents there, it's great for Christmas or birthday gifts!

It's a bit hard to photograph clothes on a bed, so sorry about that. If I wasn't so lazy I would take photos of the clothes on me, but I'm sure you'll see them in future ootd's or outfit posts if I ever get around to doing any. We hopped along to the clearance Mirrou store which had lots of cute clothes for cheap, I was pretty impressed with the selection even though some (or most, really) is out of season. I picked up a simple grey cardigan which I have been in dire need of. I also got a grey and white striped top/jumper in an oversized style which I adore. I picked up this tartan jumper which is a really nice material (super soft) as it was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in. I will still get wear out of these as Auckland weather is pretty unpredictable. All of this came to $25 so I was very happy. We had a compulsory stop at Glassons because they always have nice stuff, and we got three sale items for the price of 2; my two included these blue and white flower patterned shorts (it does look like a skirt though) and this adorable blue patterned dress with buttons at the back which we are technically sharing. These both have pockets (!!!) so this makes me immediately happy. I always like to keep an eye out for bargins or sale items as chances are clothes you want to buy will go on sale later.

We also stopped at Lush (of course! how could I not!) and while browsing the gift boxes, I found a note with a candy cane attached which led me to kind of win a arm/hand treatment and some cute samples! The staff are so, so friendly. I just love going in there. I've tried out both the samples I received which they used on me in store and they are both great! I picked up a gift box there for a friend's birthday present and a few other bits for people's Christmas presents elsewhere. Hope you enjoyed this little haul!


{side note: I have changed my blog name/url to emmaorwhatever as well as my other social media accounts fyi}

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