6 December 2014

Life Lately #11

{In case you're wondering who's blog this is, it's still lil' old me, Emma, and I have changed my name from 'little lunar blog' to 'emma or whatever'}

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This past week for four days I have been a very busy bee. I've been out and about all over Auckland on my little sister's Wider Living Week (basically like a school trip everyday). For this one, it was the Auckland Art Tour and we visisted lots of little galleries as well as large ones, like Auckland Art Gallery (which I absolutely adore). In all truth, this has opened up my perspective on Auckland and all of the cool places we do have to visit! I remember admitting a couple of years ago that Auckland was always really boring and there was nothing to do. But now, I know I can hop on a bus and go and explore. I've done lots of walking this week, but it's all been worth it and way better than sitting around at home doing nothing.

Among my favourite exhibitions were the Alice in Wonderland ceramics which were shaped into animals like rabbits and sheep with penciled drawings on them. It was a cool contrast between mediums and they were just amazing looking. I would happily take one home with me. Another favourite was a small private gallery in Parnell which featured works from an international artist of paintings of Venice, which when viewed from far away looked amazing, but when viewed up close you could see that it was just made up of little paint strokes. (Doesn't sound very good, but I'm horrible at explaining!) I didn't get any photos of these but I hope you enjoy the photos that I did get above. I also fell in love with this fantasy-like crown which you may be able to see with the photos, made out of all sorts of things that looked like it could belong in a fantasy movie.

On one of the days we visited the Winter Gardens by the Domain, and let me tell you, they are so beautiful. The building is so spectacular, reminding me I need to visit it and the area much, much more.

We stopped by Unity Books which I had never walked past before while we were in town. I've heard it's an amazing bookstore, and with a ten minute stop there to look around, I'm definitely going to going back and buy a couple of books.

One of the biggest things I learned on this little art tour was that the 'standard' art like paintings, photos and sculptures is not the only art there is; it's also about architecture and many other forms. I feel like I know my city a lot better, and let's just say I've had loads of practices catching buses everywhere now!


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