28 December 2014

Christmas + Boxing Day Haul / Room Redecoration

I've got a whopper of a post today (mainly lots of pretty images) because I've just redecorated my room and thought I'd share some photos of the finished product as well as show you what I bought on Boxing Day and a some of the things I received on Christmas Day.
Some things I got for Christmas included these (cute cute cute) copper earphones. I picked them out myself from the Urban Outfitters website. They're inexpensive and sooo pretty and functional. I was considering asking for the famous Frends rose gold earphones but they are so out of a decent price range for me it's ridiculous. One of the best things I got was the Daisy Dream perfume from Marc Jacobs. I smelled this at the airport on the way to Australia and wanted it so much! This is my signature scent now, I've decided. It's not too sweet, just very fresh and lovely. I got the book Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham which I'm so excited to read! I got a Henna Kit from a shop called Tree of Life which I'm excited to try out. In the room pictures you can see a black and light pink coloured vintage style jewellery organiser which a relative got me for Christmas and it's so special and lovely and fits all my things in it in one easy place, so I'm pleased with that. I got a So White bath bomb from Lush as someone obviously knows me very well. I adore the smell of this so freaking much! The rest of the Lush stuff was purchased by me on Boxing Day, but more on that later. I also got a few clothing items including a beautiful sheer navy dress from Glassons which is kind of in a high-low style (but in a really nice way). Unfortunately it's really hard to take photos of clothes/dark items on a bed so you can't tell what the dress looks like. I got a couple pairs of PJs, namely two pairs of PJ shorts from Cotton On. I also got a cute looking kimono/Japanese style dressing gown which is good for summer as my fluffy winter one is a bit too hot for this time of the year.

On Boxing Day I stocked up on Lush's Marilyn Hair Treatment as it was half price. I can't give this enough praise, it's literally sooo good. I picked up a half price Christmas gift box with the following items in it: Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (not pictured), So White Shower Gel, Reindeer Rock Soap, Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, Snow Angel Bath Melt, Snowman Shower Jelly, Butterbear (not pictured - already used) and the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar. I have also included Lustre + a trial size of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner as I had bought/received them recently. You can really tell I'm a huge Lushie. My other (expensive but worth it) purchase was the Citta Design Constellation Duvet Cover you see in these room photos. I'm so in love with it and so glad I decided to take the plunge and buy it! It's improved my room 100%. For my room, I have changed around the layout and now have my bed against the wall with an array of posters + things above it and to the side on the other wall. There are just little collectables on the wall such as art gallery information cards, a craft store business card, treasured polaroids, a postcard from Frankie Magazine, sketches and cards from people as well as (obviously) my Frankie Magazine 2015 calendar and art posters from Frankie and Yen Magazine. I will probably change up this space whenever I feel like it or around every month or so. For now I'm in love with this little space.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading this! xx

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