9 December 2014

Auckland Art Fair, Lush + Clothing Haul

On the weekend I went to the biannual Auckland Art Fair which was very busy but wonderful! I didn't buy anything for myself, but I could've if I wanted to spend a lot. But I did manage to pick up my friend's birthday presents: a super cute 'For Fox Sake' wall hanging that I definitely want myself, a stag head print and a cupcake soap which is so pretty! They have great things so if you live in Auckland this is a must see event once it comes around again. All the stuff there makes for great Christmas presents.

I also popped into a few shops in town and couldn't resist picking up some cheap clothes from the new Cotton On store. I got this striped grey and neon yellow shirt with a cute back (my main reason for buying) and this denim material skirt because I think it's a staple and I don't have one. I'm slowly building up a bit of a summer wardrobe. I also went into Lush because it's a neccessity, and got the Golden Wonder bath bomb and a small size of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner which I wanted to try, and if I like it I'll be getting the full size version.



  1. I love the stag print and the "for fox sake" wall hanging want both badly!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. cute finds!! i love the fox wall hanging and that skirt is adorable!!


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