1 November 2014

October Playlist

Man, I need to stop just loving a couple albums a month and listening to nothing else. I think I just love albums more than anything as they tell a certain kind of story instead of just a single song. So the two albums I've been loving this month are Coexist from The XX and + from Ed Sheeran. These aren't really new to me; I have loved The XX for quite some time (much to the dismay of people who say it's 'depressing' music - it's not) and well Ed Sheeran, that's self explanatory; I've listened to this album so much that I know every single word from every single song. Sometimes I just need a bit of a nostalgia hit.

I hope you enjoy this playlist and as always if you have any recommendations of music you've been loving lately, let me know in the comments! xx

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