30 November 2014

November Playlist

This month I have had a good music month, I think. I have a few albums that I have been listening to a lot and have fallen in love with for various reasons. Two of those albums are movie soundtracks, believe it or not. Let me introduce you to a soundtrack called Submarine, which is a film I actually watched after I stumbled across the album. Now let's just talk about this movie, Submarine, for a second because (I'm not exaggerating) this may be my favourite movie I have watched. I picked it up on a whim while at the video store because I recognised the album art which was on the DVD cover. I read the synopsis at the back and it seemed like something I'd like, so I took it home with me. I've watched it once, and I think I'm going to be watching this religiously in the future because I enjoyed it that much. I haven't found any other movie as genuinely funny as this one (it's hilarious in a British, dark, cynical kind of way - which is my favourite kind of humour). There is so much I loved about it, but I will stop here before I get too carried away. If you're looking for a film to watch, then I recommend Submarine. Maybe it was just so wonderful because I had zero expectations. Hmm. The music in the film is what I'm here to talk about - it's mostly from Alex Turner, who you may know from the Arctic Monkeys. I had already fallen in love with his voice in these songs (there's only five), so you can imagine how great and fitting it was to find them in a movie I enjoyed so much.

Another album I have been listening to (not for long) is Tom Odell's Long Way Down. I randomly stumbled across his name and I have fallen in love with this album. My favourite songs from the album so far are Another Love and Till I Lost, but I pretty much just love all of it. He has such a lovely voice, and the lyrics of his songs are wonderful. And I have been known to fall victim to listening to the supporting commentary album - basically a lovely British voice talking about music and songs. Relaxing to listen to while pottering around the house.

Going back to movie soundtracks, I have been LOVING the Love, Rosie movie soundtrack. I recently watched the film (adored and teared up a little bit) and went home to listen to the soundtrack because the music in the film was SPOT ON. I now adore Sam Clafin (too much) and like Lily Collins just a little bit (quite a lot). I definitely recommend watching that movie too, because it was so funny and sweet. My kind of movie. There are a few stand out songs in the album for me, including Alone Again (Naturally) by Gilbert O'Sullivan, Take Me To A Higher Plain by Kate Nash and I'm Confessin' by Peggy Lee.

Now listen!



  1. love this post! I haven't seen submarine but I love alex turner... you have totally convinced me to watch it. I also loved 'love rosie' one of the best films I've seen in a while x


    1. Yes, watch it!!! Love, Rosie was so good!


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