5 November 2014

Life Lately #9

Long time no see! I feel like it's been a while since I've properly blogged, I've just been so unbelievably busy with school for the past few weeks. I've never been so stressed in my life, but it's all easing now. I have finished my two art boards and a photography scholarship, just yesterday. Before I go back to more school stuff, I'll rewind to a couple of weeks ago.
On a sunny weekend I went out with my friends to do a little shopping - I really love going into town, it's one of my favourite places. I'm excited to explore areas I've never been during the summer. Anyway, we went for lunch at this amazing place called Coo Cup. It's basically a little place to eat Japanese food in cups. It is as good as it sounds, I had the Katsu chicken which was so yummy, and I will definitely be back. It's very close to the Uni I'm going to next year. I bought a few things which included a stop at Lush, my favourite little stationery store Daiso, The Body Shop, etc. I actually included some of the things I bought in the video I posted not too long ago. One of my favourite moments was sitting in the sun on bean bags on the grass at this little public park area. There were lots of people there, it felt like summer and there was even a bit of couple yoga or acrobatics to watch which was a bit random and very cool!

Back to the present... I have officially had my last day of high school yesterday. It was pretty emotional and I know I'm going to miss the people and teachers and the overall environment so much. It's like a big lovely community, but I know everything has to end at some point. I know high school is such a small part of life, and I know that I need a bit of change in my life so I can be more excited and focused next year. My school's prize giving was yesterday and one of the best things was getting the Top in Year 13 Photography award - I also got a polaroid camera as a prize. I went on stage to get my scholarship which you would already know about if you have read previous posts. Everything seems like a bit of a blur, but I know since the beginning of the year I have changed so much and become so much more sure of myself. Every year I say the same thing to myself though.
image (1)
My Design and Photography Boards

I've got a post coming up shortly which is my current favourites, mostly of beauty stuff I've been absolutely loving at the minute. Side note, I also bought some shoes online which arrived today but they're a couple sizes too big, so I'll be exchanging those. Kind of annoying, but I'll live. This post has probably been really boring but I find it nice to document my life a little every few weeks. Since school is finished, on my radar for the rest of November is studying for exams (I don't have many as I took [that past tense!] two art subjects). I also have my birthday coming up, in the middle of exams. It's just brilliant.

I am obsessed with The xx at the moment!

Oh and here are some things I've have seen and liked: I have been loving watching Lily Pebble's vlogs, I LOVED this collab - so hillarious! Aaand, Shop Style Conquers Boot Collection video was amazing!


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