18 November 2014

Life Lately #10

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I have had a couple of very chilled weeks, as I don't have many exams unlike some people during this month. I have had one exam so far, and two more to go next week. For the rest of November, I'll just be pottering around the house and trying to revise as much as I can while getting prepped for summer.

Yesterday I went into town for a day out because I've been cooped up in the house for most of the month. I did some shopping with birthday money I'd received, and saw the film Love, Rosie. Such, such, such a lovely sweet and funny film. I really, really enjoyed it. Lily Collins and Sam Clafin are so cute together. Today I am listening to the soundtrack of the movie and it's glorious! I love listening to soundtracks of movies I really loved because it reminds me of different moments of the film. Highly recommend watching the film and listening to the soundtrack - I know it'll be on my monthly playlist at the end of the month. Besides seeing the movie, we walked in the rain (which was kind of nice) and had tea from Hulu Cat (also Chistmas Starbuck drinks...)

For most of last week and the weekend I've pretty much had a long study break, of just enjoying my birthday and having some time off! I think most of my stress I've already had from my art boards. I recieved some lovely cards, messages and presents from friends + family and will probably take some photos of some of the cute things I got/what I bought yesterday. I'll get around to that at some stage!

Things I've loved lately - this blog post, this video on making bath bombs and this bubble bath Alix mentioned which is (unfortunately) sold out.


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