14 November 2014

Changing things up

I thought it was about time I changed my desk area up a bit and this is the result. I love changing the wall above my desk every now and then as I get new art posters from Frankie and Yen, and little bits such as birthday cards and photos I can put up too. I think it's so refreshing to change up this area as it keeps me inspired and creative. I had a double up of a magazine recently so decided to use one to cut photos out of (I don't think I could manage to cut things out from magazines usually) and I find that having a balance of little and big things on the wall is really nice as well as different colours, etc.

The big posters are both from Yen Magazine of the last two issues. I also decided to put one of my single white shelves up on my desk as I think it looks so cute and is perfect for storage of books and magazines. I'm happy with the result and this didn't take too long at all. It's my birthday tomorrow so I expect I'll be doing birthday related things over the next couple of days. I'll have some posts up next week.



  1. This is such a gorgeous workspace! :O Mannn Yen and Frankie have some awesome posters!

  2. Lovely space! I really need to give my a room a good clean make over!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. Thank you! exciting, have fun doing it! x


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