19 November 2014

Birthday & Shopping Haul

I thought I'd do a post on some things I got for my birthday as well as the few things I bought when I went shopping the other day in town. For my birthday, I pretty much just wrote a list of things that I might want as my parents appreciate that so they don't have to struggle finding something I'd like. But I got things from Lush, Frankie Press, T2, etc from my friends and family. Hope you like looking at a bunch of cute stuff I luckily received.

The two top things on my wishlist were pretty much the Calendar and Diary from the Frankie Magazine shop as I missed out on buying them last year. I absolutely LOVE the diary, it's so pretty and can't wait to use it for uni and general organisation next year. I also adore the Calendar as each month has amazing artwork that will look great on my wall. Not all the Lush stuff you see here I got for my birthday - I bought two bath products when I was in town with some birthday money I had. On that trip I got the Avobath Bath Bomb and the Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar. The first smelt SO good I had to have it and the latter looked so adorable and I it will produce amazingly silky water. The other products included my favourite Marilyn hair treatment I had been out of for a while (SO GOOD), Celestial Facial Moisturiser (so amazing, honestly) and the Snow Angel Bath Melt (which I'm so excited to try!) I swear most of Lush products are just amazing, I can't get enough.

Since my laptop is new and it's kind of partly my birthday present, I got a purple case for it since I really needed one to cart it around places. Something that was very unexpected was a lovely pair of Peter Alexander Pyjamas which are a lovely quality and pattern. I'm glad I have my summer PJs sorted now because I was in dire need of a new pair. I also picked out some Pandora rings for someone else's gift for me and I loved these simple bands as I tend to not wear anything too fancy. From some lovely friends I got some T2 things, including some loose tea and a strainer, as well as a takeaway coffee/tea style cup and some handmade things which are always great! (Including a personalised calendar, two adorable mini hand painted photo frames and a necklace).

The last two items are clothes which I bought when I was in town myself. The shirt was $2 and had a cute saying which oddly comforts me in a weird way and floaty shorts from Glassons which will be perfect on a beach getaway I have planned with friends in Jan next year. I also got a few edible presents but let's just say they're long gone.


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