18 October 2014

Sydney Haul: Beauty

I was really pleased with what I got in beauty wise in Australia. I didn't get too much, but all of the things I did get I absolutely love. I got a few things from Lush. I was delighted to see a few Lush stores while I was shopping, as they're pretty rare in New Zealand! It's my favourite shop. I got the Twilight Bath Bomb which is lavender scented which I thought I'd try. I used half of it last night and it's super lovely - it makes your skin so soft and the scent is calming. I also got the 'It's Raining Men' shower gel, which is actually the nicest smelling anything I have ever smelt. It smells SO good. I can never stop smelling it. It foams up wonderfully, and I just love smelling like Lush when I step out of the bath/shower. The last item is possibly my favourite, which is the R&B Hair Moisturiser. I think this is severely underrated or something because this stuff is like good hair in a bottle. I LOVE it and have used it everyday since I got it. If your hair shows any sign of frizz, this will get rid of it. Since I have pretty much straight hair with a bit of a wave in it, I use it as a leave in treatment after washing my hair. I also use the tiniest amount on dry hair when my hair needs a little coming to life. You only use a pea sized amount each time you use this, so this will last me absolutely AGES. Can you tell I'm excited?

While we went into Topshop (my first time) in Sydney, I really wanted to try at least something from the make-up range. I'd heard their lip products were good. The make-up section was quite underwhelming and was in a sorry state, with all of it dirty and most of it in a really bad condition! I knew I'd regret it if I didn't pick up something to try while I was there, so I ended up going for a Lip Bullet which to me looks like a lovely red colour, named Joyride. I haven't opened it yet or tried it out but when I have more spare time I will, and will probably get a post up about it. I also got a nail polish which I think is called Disclosed. It's a really pretty blue-green light mint colour which is a lighter, more pastel version of Essie's Mint Candy Apple which I love. I got a couple more items - the Body Shop InstaBlur which is WONDERFUL, having used it for about a week. I don't think I could not use this now. I could of got a ton more from the Body Shop but we have that at home (like we do Lush and some other stores) so I think I'm going to have to go on a bit of a mini spree to pick up some bits from there I've wanted for ages. On the way home at the airport I had $20 Australian left to spend so I bought this body cream from L'occitane, which is a really luxury shop that I never shop in because it's so expensive. But the price for this was good, and I'm glad I got it because it's vanilla scented but smells so fresh, different and just nice. Going shopping in Sydney has certainly filled my need for spending for a little while - I will also have a clothes haul post up at some stage (I'm thinking it's going to be next weekend) as I'm super busy with art boards due. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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