13 October 2014

Life Lately #8

This has been one of the best couple of weeks in a while, as I finally had a bit of a break and went overseas on holiday to Australia. We stayed in a little house in a little beach town a couple hours outside of Sydney. The temperature reached over 30 degrees celsius one day, so as you can imagine it was nice to have some hot weather for once as opposed to the colder weather New Zealand has been having. My favourite part was just getting a chance to do not much and relax. Past holidays have been going out quite early in the morning every day to go sight seeing and visit many places, trying to cram everything in. While I'm certainly not complaining about that kind of holiday because who wouldn't want to experience new places? It's just wonderful to wake up leisurely, go to beaches, eat nice food and go shopping.

The whole reason for being there was because we were visiting friends who live there, who we see about once a year. We spent quite a lot of time with them, and it was a whole lot of fun. As seen from my instagram feed during this time, and now still, it was mostly full of beautiful pictures of different beaches. Australia is great for photos, that's for sure! On that note, I'll have a photo diary of the trip coming up soon, most likely on the weekend as I'm going to be swamped with school work probably. On the plane trip I felt quite ready to begin my last term of high school ever, although I did have second thoughts waking up this morning at 6:40 am which in Australian time would be 4.40 am. Wonderful. Anyway, I'm going to have some lasting memories from this trip. I love travelling! Especially going on airplanes and visiting airports! I can't be the only one?

This is my anthem of today, absolutely addicted to hearing Ed Sheeran's voice; especially on our train ride in and out of Sydney.



  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!


  2. love these photos gal! seriously sounds like the perfect little getaway, I love holidays like that too x


    1. It was a great trip! Thanks for your comment x


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