15 September 2014

Wake Up

Outfit Details: Top // Dotti, Skirt // Cotton On, Cardigan // Jay Jays, Shoes // Converse.

Today I decided to throw something on after being in bed on my laptop until 2 p.m. Standard. Not really - I wish it was. I've been having a bit of a nice break after mock exams ended, I've just got one design workshop left tomorrow then it's back to business. Speaking about the outfit, I originally was quite hesitant about the mix of prints here but I think it's acceptable as the prints are very different, one is black and white and very plain, and one makes a bold statement with the vivid colouring. I don't know about you, but on those days where you're doing nothing sometimes it's nice to get dressed half way through the day so you can at least feel kind of nice for some of the day. If I stay in bed all day in my PJs, I kind of regret it once the day's over. Yeah, it's probably just me on that one.

Last night I painted my nails with O.P.I's Malaga Wine, and generally I don't mind about having dark nails in the warmer months and vise versa in the summer. I think you can wear whatever you like when you want. Apart from the formula becoming a bit gloopy, this colour is one of my favourites in terms of 'autumny' colours. I don't know about you, but watching loads of vlogs from British YouTubers makes me want it to be Autumn.  Anyway, that's about enough rambling for me today. Another quick note, I've been having this song on repeat for a couple of hours this afternoon after watching Chinchiminee's Auckland vlogs! Love it!


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