13 September 2014

Life Lately #7

I thought now that my (practice) exams are over for me as of Thursday, I would write up a little 'Life Lately' post as I seen to be doing these often and I like doing them! To be honest, my life isn't even exciting, but it's nice reflecting and looking back on the last couple of weeks every now and then.
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As of late I have been roaming around home not doing much apart from studying a little for practice exams that are now (thankfully over). It's been feeling like a bit of a weird couple of weeks as I've been sick and had some time off school, had exams (more time off school) and now I'm in that weird stage of having nothing to do but having SO MUCH to do, as my two art boards are due in a little over a month. Art boards stress me out so much, remind me again why I chose two art subjects at Year 13??

It's not all been bad though, as I had a lovely day out last Sunday with my friends. We went into town during what was probably the best day (weather wise) in a while - sunny enough to bring out my pale pins and wear a dress. I think I'm on the fence about summer: so much good photo light, loads of time off but at times, boredom and sweating and generally feeling gross. This summer I hope will be different and I'll get out a bit more! Back to Sunday, where we went out for a mexican lunch at the Mexican Cafe. I'd heard it was good and it didn't disappoint me, it was good food. I'm literally so excited to discover more places to eat in Auckland - the next place I want to venture to would have to be Best Ugly Bagels. Can I get a HELL YES?

So my life for the next month or so is going to be undoubtedly doing my art boards and revising for exams. I'm not sure how I feel about the end of high school just yet.

Things that've caught my eye: Rookie Mag's article on how to write a novel, Lily Pebble's Wall DIY (planning on doing something similar in the coming months) and these beautiful Free People desktop designs, especially the moon one. Also I have to mention in this little titbit a film that I watched last night and really enjoyed - How I Live Now, thanks to Britney's wonderful suggestions!

I've been listening to this song non-stop, in fact the whole new Angus and Julia Stone album. No doubt the album will be making a huge occurrence in my monthly playlist at the end of the month.


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