5 September 2014

A Wishlist

Now because I'm not allowed to spend any money and I'm feeling the withdrawals of buying stuff for myself (talk about first world problems) I thought why not make a little wishlist to see my through the rest of these few weeks and I'll just pretend I've bought them in the hope I'll actually buy some of this stuff some time in the near future. Having nice things is just so nice isn't it?  I'll consider this my 'summer' wishlist as it's finally looking like there will be a change in season shortly!

I must say, I've gathered quite the collection of cute stuff! The first thing that I am dying to get my hands on comes in the form of a shirt with daises on it. Enough said! This one from asos looks really cute and has that whole boyfriend shirt vibe going on with a slight cropped feel. I can imagine myself wearing this so I'm thinking this needs to be a thing soon. I'll try and not get too excited for the next thing... it's the new Frankie journal! Excuse me while I cry and sigh at this beautiful concoction, I need this in my life! I wanted the one last year, so I'm thinking this needs to happen for next year's diary. After watching Shaaanxo's new video she made me want to try out this cleanser which is made in New Zealand with natural ingredients. I'm having real trouble with my skin - whether it's because of winter or what I don't know because my skin was better in summer. It's not too bad of a price. Annoyingly my Lush cleanser (Herbalism, fyi) is out of date and I've still got way more than half - I don't know if you can keep using it or not. There's also the amazingly gorgeous Frankie calendar to go perfectly alongside the diary; I'm thinking this needs to be my 2015 calendar. (side note: 2015? How is that even a thing? Isn't it still 2008?)

The next line up of things are as lovely as the first lot. After reading Lily Pebble's blog post on concealer, and how she thinks the Revlon Colourstay Concealer is better than the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (which she hates - and after using it for a while I do agree that it's very drying), she persuaded me to try out this concealer as it looks to be more hydrating than Collection's. I have a big problem with dry skin and blemishes so I need to be on this stat! I've also been lusting over this COMPLETELY ADORABLE bag (was in need of capital letters, frankly) from Modcloth. I don't think I've met eyes with a prettier bag in all honesty. It's kind of cheating since it's a coming soon product, but so pretty! I've been having a good ol' browse on the Misguided website as per, and even though I'm yet to buy anything from there, I've seen plenty of things which are gorgeous. I came across these floaty, pom pomy (?), floral, tropical type shorts and I definitely know I need something like this for summer. I'm not a fan of wearing denim shorts any more (unless they're the loose, high waisted mom jeans type thing), I need a few pairs of loose easy breezy beauts! Last is this utterly gorgeous phone case from Rifle Paper Co. which is just perfect for me really. If you have any suggestions for places where I can buy phone cases, either online or in-store I'd be forever grateful as I'm in dire need of a new one!

(I've been browsing asos a lot of late since I've been sick in bed for a couple of days this week so expect another wishlist soon).


  1. Nice list! & gorgeous blog Emma. I've just been having a little nosy around. You can get gorgeous cases from Iko Iko, Kikki K have nice ones too & I love Iconemesis (online) as well.

    Sophie | Nana Wintour

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will have a look. xx


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